[Development] Future of QtOpenCL

Uwe Rathmann Uwe.Rathmann at tigertal.de
Sun Jun 30 13:43:21 CEST 2013

On Sun, 30 Jun 2013 12:36:18 +0200, Sebastian Lehmann wrote:

> I see the strong developer community behind Qt as a huge advantage.

Well, from the low traffic on the mailing lists on weekends it is quite 
obvious, that - even if being a real open source project - Qt is driven 
by companies with commercial interests. I would guess that there is only 
a very small minority of developers working on Qt projects beside there 
daily job.

So IMHO in the end the right decision depends on if one of those 
companies will be interested in the code ( from the fact that it was dead 
so far the answer might be: no ). If not you might find yourself doing an 
one man show in an environment with tools and rules that are made for a 
big community project.

Over the years I have lost some of my illusions about open source 
development. I usually don't even get answers when asking for support for 
my project ( Qwt ) - stuff like testing code on specific platforms, 
setting up a nicer project page or helping with the docs. If you don't do 
it yourself, nobody does it.

F.e. look at projects like pyqwt or qwtplot3d. Nobody ever took this code 
when the authors lost their interest - even if their outdated versions 
are still popular.

It is indeed an interesting question if there would appear more resources 
when being developed under the qt-project umbrella.


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