[Development] Copyright changes

Qi Liang Liang.Qi at digia.com
Fri Mar 1 12:29:31 CET 2013

tests/prebuild/license in qtqa repo is just for that purpose though I am not sure how it got run on every qt5 module repo.



On 2013-3-1, at 下午12:24, Hirvonen Olli wrote:

I discussed with Tuukka Turunen and his opinion was that even something is not developed further, but it is available, copyrights should be the correct ones.

But as said this is not the most urgent issue and priority is low.

And sorry if the examples I used were fixed already. I got those examples from Janne Anttila over a month ago and this was just pending in my emails :/

I hope that someone more technical person could reply to Laszlo if "license checker bot" would be possible or a good idea?


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