[Development] Access lazy Models from within QML

Dominik Holland dominik.holland at pelagicore.com
Tue Mar 5 10:01:29 CET 2013

On 03/05/2013 09:35 AM, Robin Burchell wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 5, 2013 at 8:28 AM, Dominik Holland
> <dominik.holland at pelagicore.com> wrote:
>> Yes this makes sense and it's similar to my solution... But why do you
>> need to multiply it with 0.9 ?
> To start fetching (hopefully) before the data is really needed. Models
> may involve asynchronous access (network etc) which might take a
> while.

Mhh but i'm setting the index from 0 to 500 so there is not timespan 
where it can fetch the data before it is needed ?

In case you are at the end of the List it automatically fetches the next 


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