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>From time to time I'll be informing you, the community, about what's happening here at the CI. These posts will be informal and hopefully just give you some kind of idea what we are working on. Suggestions on what we should change and open discussion over the CI topic is encouraged.

I personally just started working here in the beginning of January, meaning I've had a lot of learning to do. I'm still trying to put all the pieces together on how things work in our CI. My contributions so far have been minor, but I'm hoping to soon get through somewhat larger changes.

So, what's been done since I started here? Well we have a lot of more hardware capacity set up. This means shorter CI cycles for everyone. We have also changed the build parameters so that they cover even more different setups. And we are still working on adding more stages as hardware capacity allows for this.

Automated release testing is something new that's coming. With these we are trying to ensure that the packages can be installed properly in different circumstances and the tools for that work. This will give you a better user experience as you don't stumble on problems on the first thing when you are trying to install Qt.

We are also working on making the build node updating more safe. The logic behind Puppet controlled runs is being changed so that the update process itself shouldn't break building. We also have a few ideas on how to track stability in general, so that problems trigger emails to us right away.

Then we are having quite much problems with Windows 8 machine builds resulting in "Can't spawn cmd.exe". The root cause for these is still unknown, even though we have spent several days trying to figure this one out. Random breaks are the most tricky ones.

Also inbound we have more detailed statistics of builds where we try to centralize all build data to a public web page. We don't have any time estimates for this, but it's definitely something we would like to see created.



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