[Development] QTimeZone available for review

John Layt jlayt at kde.org
Thu Mar 7 11:10:31 CET 2013


I've finally pushed my proposed QTimeZone support to Gerrit for initial review 
for possible inclusion in 5.1.

The reviews are:

QLocale - Add private countryToCode() method

QDateTime - Improve and expose Qt::OffsetFromUtc

QDateTime - Extend fromMSecsSinceEpoch API

QTimeZone - Define new class and api

QTimeZone - Add ICU support

QTimeZone - Add TZ File Backend

QTimeZone - Add Mac backend

QTimeZone - Add Windows backend

WIP QDateTime - Add QTimeZone support

I'd appreciate particular attention to the API review, and the Mac and Windows 
backends which are not my usual dev environment.

What remains to be done:
* The QDateTime integration is not quite finished and so marked as WIP, but 
the API changes need review.
* The Windows backend can have support for historic data added from Vista 
* Lots more test cases
* A decision on parse/format (see below)

One big change since I first posted the code is there is now no "system time 
zone" that tracks the underlying system time zone as we already provide this 
facility in QDateTime using Qt::LocalTime.

The main issue outstanding is parse/format.  Our current support for time 
zones is inconsistent, asymmetrical, and broken in places.  You can format 
time zones in QLocale and QTime (albeit often the wrong name) but not 
QDateTime, and not parse them anywhere, so round-trip using LongFormat is 
currently broken.  The  existing code is messy, and while format is fairly 
easy to make work, parsing is near impossible to support in our current code.  
It would probably require major changes to the complex and fragile 
QDateTimeParser and QDateTimeEdit classes, but would still be deeply ambiguous 
due to our only supporting a format code for abbreviations.  Full support 
would require either breaking the current behaviour or implementing all new 
code and api names, which seems pointless for just 5.1 when I hope to have the 
new ICU based parser ready for 5.2. Instead I propose to:

* Remove the QDateTime formatter which doesn't support tz and use the QLocale 
formatter instead which does support tz
* Modify the QLocale formatter to properly format time zones, including the 
Win/Mac system locales
* To not support parsing of time zones in the old code and clearly document as 
such, recommending apps use a combo-box instead, or use the Qt::ISODate which 
does support parsing of an offset.
* To leave parsing support until 5.2 using ICU

I realise that might be controversial, and I have had some feedback that this 
is a blocker issue, but I feel the benefits of having most of the Time Zone 
support in 5.1 far out-weighs the few use-cases requiring parsing, especially 
as the existing behaviour is already asymmetrical and broken.



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