[Development] Qt for iOS - iOSStyle

Sorvig Morten Morten.Sorvig at digia.com
Tue Mar 12 12:52:09 CET 2013

> Another good example of iOS app that does not quite follow the native UI is
> LinkedIn. I really like it, and I agree with you when you say some design
> alternatives can actually look even better than the stock native style based
> ones. But I am assuming this is not the point in this discussion - the point
> is: is it possible to implement a QStyle based iOS style? I would go for yes.
> Now, is there enough manpower and does it make sense? I don't know, then it's
> up to whoever will (not) be doing it.
> There might be a dozens of reasons not to go down that road - complexity, lack
> of manpower or whatever may turn up. But assuming it will look half baked and
> place that as a main reason makes me scratch my head.

Complexity, maintenance burden and lack of manpower are the main reasons against, yes. And I think Jens summed up the technical issues well.

The way to prove us wrong is of course to step up and implement (and maintain) such a style.


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