[Development] RecordingSupport feature for QMediaPlayer

Ing. Rayner Pupo Gómez rpgomez at uci.cu
Tue Mar 12 13:42:55 CET 2013

Hi, there is any way to add recording support to QMediaPlayer?, I was reading 
the code of qmediaplayer.cpp from Qt5 sources and realize that there's not 
QMediaServiceProvider *provider = 
    if (flags) {
        QMediaServiceProviderHint::Features features = 0;
        if (flags & QMediaPlayer::LowLatency)
            features |= QMediaServiceProviderHint::LowLatencyPlayback;

        if (flags & QMediaPlayer::StreamPlayback)
            features |= QMediaServiceProviderHint::StreamPlayback;

        if (flags & QMediaPlayer::VideoSurface)
            features |= QMediaServiceProviderHint::VideoSurface;

        return provider->requestService(Q_MEDIASERVICE_MEDIAPLAYER,
    } else
        return provider->requestService(Q_MEDIASERVICE_MEDIAPLAYER);

it would be interesting if we could record a media loaded by a QMediaPlayer 
like QCamera does, allowing to transcode a loca video, saving a streaming and 
so forth.
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