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Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at intel.com
Tue Mar 12 17:39:46 CET 2013

On terça-feira, 12 de março de 2013 13.41.33, Shaw Andy wrote:
> I would expect that the workflow is that if a report is set to be "In
> progress" then this is the indication that someone is actually working on
> the report, if we start using the assigner for this indication then it
> sounds like it will complicate matters even further. Also, if a P1 is
> created and it is unassigned, who is responsible for ensuring that gets
> picked up and processed?

Assigned means that someone is responsible for the bug. In progress means that 
someone is working on the bug.

A bug might be assigned for other reasons than fixing it, like triaging, 
writing a testcase, etc. 

To be honest, I don't care if a bug is auto-assigned upon creation or not. All 
bugs need to be triaged, so whichever workflow we decide on must support that. 
Right now, as maintainer for QtCore, I either triage myself the bugs I receive 
(including the ones I have watches upon) or I assign to someone to give me 

And we need to do it consistently: either all bugs are auto-assigned upon 
creation or they're not. Right now, there are several components that have a 
default assignee and several that don't. For example, most of the Core: Event 
system bugs that I receive and reassign to GUI: Window management become 
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