[Development] QtMof playground repository renaming and CI activation ?

Sandro Andrade sandroandrade at kde.org
Fri Mar 15 16:03:43 CET 2013

Hi there,

I'm not sure whether this request is actually feasible but would we
have too much impact if we rename qtmof playground repository to qtmodeling ?
If that would demand too much work to keep history consistent than I can stick
with qtmof until it eventually graduates to qt repo. The reason is
that qtmof have
become a little bit wider, not being restricted only to MOF/UML models.

Also, could we have CI running on it ? I make some sporadic
integration on Windows
using mingw and msvc but that is really a burden :) QtUml module is a
particularly large
one because of too much classes in UML meta-model. Perhaps a
preliminary analysis
of building impact on CI should be carried out.

Thanks in advance,

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