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Ahumada Sergio Sergio.Ahumada at digia.com
Tue Mar 19 15:55:57 CET 2013

On 12/19/2012 04:56 PM, Thiago Macieira wrote:> On quarta-feira, 19 de dezembro de 2012 14.07.29, List for announcements
> regarding Qt releases and development wrote:
>> Please check out my blog post post at
>> http://blog.qt.digia.com/blog/2012/12/19/qt-5-0/ and the Qt Project
>> (http://blog.qt.digia.com/blog/2012/12/19/qt-5-0/) and Digia
>> (http://qt.digia.com/qt5) landing pages for further details.
> The Qt Project link is:
> 	http://qt-project.org/downloads
> By the way, there's no mention at all of the official split packages. It links
> only to the big (and in my eyes, deprecated) big tarballs.

[sorry for bringing this old stuff back]

So for 5.0.2 .. should we list all the split .tar.gz and .zip packages in a two column table ?

https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTWEBSITE-502 seems to be related. I can take care of it for 5.0.2 if we decide this is the way to go (I don't remember when this was declared "official").

> Since there's no way for people to build only parts of the system -- for
> example, to skip building webkit -- the split tarballs are the correct way
> forward.

ps: I am assuming that we will continue to generate the big tarballs and put them somewhere, but then won't be shown in the http://qt-project.org/downloads page.

Sergio Ahumada
Release Engineer - Digia, Qt

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