[Development] [idea] IO backends?

Mark markg85 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 24 22:47:03 CET 2013


Right now i'm in the process of rewriting a part of the KIO (The KDE
IO system) in an attempt to make it far more salable for massive
folders and keeping the same (or better) speeds as currently for
normal usecases.

So now i find myself in the position where i need to write a
completely different QAbstractItemModel implementation. While doing
that i was pointed to the QFileSystemModel class. Which is basically
doing everything i want (and more).

After seeing that and digging through QFileSystemModel code it became
clear to me that there was no way for me to use that class with my
data structure. It just isn't made for that and it uses all kind of Qt
classes to do it's thing.

That made me wonder, is there a way to change IO backends in Qt?
Because if i could swap the current Qt IO backend with KIO then i can
use those classes just as they are. That sounds like a very appealing
thing to have.

Is there a "QPA" for the IO part in Qt? If so, could i get some
pointers in the direction?


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