[Development] New Qt5.2 snapshot available

Heikkinen Jani Jani.Heikkinen at digia.com
Fri Nov 1 07:05:59 CET 2013

Hi all,

We got qt5.git integrated! It means we have now new content in latest snapshot in http://download.qt-project.org/snapshots/qt/5.2/5.2.0-beta1/

Unfortunately MAC packages are missing, hoping we could get those during today as well..

Build #123, Qt5 changes after Beta1 release:

* qtactiveqt de09a6d...71fc126 (2):
> fix doc build path
> remove pointless #ifndef QT_NO_WIN_ACTIVEQT

* qtandroidextras c1d9cc6...df30d67 (1):
> Update documentation

* qtbase 690cf42...fe220f3 (133):
> Dont use NO_DEFAULT_PATH on mac when finding GL headers and libraries.
> bring the windows configure -qconfig handling in line with the unix one
> turn makeabs into a proper cleanPath()
> duplicate less work while handling -qconfig
> iOS: Add standard paths implementation for iOS
> Windows: Do not use blend function for GL windows with alpha.
> iOS: Fix logic for determining whether to exit the root event loop
> Update the ICC spec on Linux to actually compile stuff
> xcode generator: resolve QMAKE_INFO_PLIST from source dir
> Consider multi-monitor setups in QPlatformWindow::initialGeometry().
> Fix QSpinBox size calculation problem with empty stylesheets
> dbuscommon.pri: Fix source file dependency
> Android: Dont rely on QIcon::isNull() to validate icon data.
> Android: Fix problem with leaking local refs.
> remove compiler warning
> xcb: Compilefix #ifdef glx code
> xcb: Act on the _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW event
> iOS: Build libs (including Qt itself) for both simulator and device
> Fix the network proxy code for windows to detect properly services
> Adding CI utilities to Android test script
> Test that Qt tools can handle as a digit separator.
> Use Q_UNLIKELY in qCDebug, qCTrace
> Fix finding cursor position in words with accents
> Silence the _COMPIZ_DECOR_* warnings on Ubuntu
> Add QGuiApplication::sync() function
> iOS: Build simulator libraries with suffix
> Doc: Fix miscellaneous typos
> Issue correct warnings with QObject::startTimer()
> Doc: Remove unofficial Qt Concurrent headers
> Different native Cocoa menu fixes.
> Keep web fontdata alive as long as CG uses it
> Dont support threaded GL on chromium (virtual box GL)
> QNX: Manage foreign mmrenderer windows
> Fix msvc project dependencies as specificed by .depends
> remove qt_windows.h include from qwineventnotifier.h
> Cocoa: Fix mouse event coordinates transform to window space
> MacGui tests: Remove references to CGPostMouseEvent
> qdbusxml2cpp: Fix warnings about writing to closed devices.
> fix /SAFESEH linker option for VS >= 2010
> QLocale: Add auto tests for Poruguese(Brazil) and Greek locales
> Make the localHostName() copy function return QByteArray
> Fix QCommonStyle::subControlRect(SC_GroupBoxCheckBox)
> validate qconfig-*.h against qfeatures.txt
> dont emit comments to generated qfeatures.h
> generate qfeatures.h at build time
> give XMLSTREAM a Name
> fix "markup"
> purge references to non-features
> purge vestiges of dead QT_NO_* defines
> remove remaining non-concurrent branches from concurrent samples
> remove dead code
> Android: handle keyPress event for Key_Back
> Fix the show/hide logic.
> Allow the user to specify a theme list.
> Re-enable NonFullScreenWindows on Android
> Fail when QT_POINTER_SIZE is not set
> eglfs: Make backingstore handle unexpected scenarios gracefully
> Fix compilation with MinGW gcc 64 bit
> Android: Dont crash if the screen is not yet initialized.
> Android: Remove unneeded dependency
> iOS: Set ARCHS in Xcode project for both simulator and device SDKs
> Doc: Update boost::bind()/std::tr1::bind() to std::bind()
> Remove unused static function systemtimeToMsecs()
> QWizard: provoke enum value not handled in switch warnings in object_name_for_button
> QWizard: give all buttons an objectName
> Doc: Added a new Qt Creator \externalpage
> network: fix multi-phased NTLM authentication
> Add QMAKE_PKGCONFIG_VERSION variable to allow version overriding
> remove some vestiges of QFontEngineQPF
> Fix - psql driver must format qdatetime using iso
> eglfs: Perform initialization in initialize() instead of the constructor
> QWindowsKeyMapper: Added some comments about functionality + cleanup
> Rewrite qmakes exclusive-build feature
> xcode: Set QMAKE_XCODE_LIBRARY_SUFFIX from default_post
> CMake: Fix quoting issue with quoted paths in strings.
> Remove sunken state for Android.
> Android: Fix the QSlider handler position.
> QJNI: Dont detach from the thread as long as the thread is alive.
> Do not byteswap RGBA8888 formats
> support cleanly querying private modules in qtHaveModule()
> xcode: Move Qt preprocessor steps to separate target
> Fix bug in updatePossibleKeyCodes() with dead keys and modifiers
> Fix virtual key mapping on MS Windows
> kill unix_to_dos script
> Remove superfluous libudev ... line
> Fix compile warnings on 10.6
> iOS (OSX): rework how to bundle QML import folders
> Cleanup java files.
> win32-msvc2013: force synchronous writes to .pdb files
> Accessibility: Make it possible to send events with no QObject
> Android: Fix repaint on rotation
> QImageWriter: add a forgotten #ifndef QT_NO_IMAGEFORMAT_BPM
> Remove gstreamer configure test.
> make better use of $$MODULE_PLUGIN_TYPES
> rewrite handling of private modules
> Introduce Windows version 8.1 and detect by checking the version.
> CMake: Ensure that the EXECUTABLE_COMPILE_FLAGS list exists
> Set PRIVATE includes variable to empty, not undefined.
> qmake: Expose qmake arguments as QMAKE_ARGS
> Fix check for ICU on MinGW
> dont explicitly exclude qconfig.h when building moc
> remove pointless "SeeAlso: ???" entries
> document format of entries
> purge auto_use_privates module option
> ANGLE: Fix compilation with MSVC2013.
> ANGLE: Fix fxc path setting for MSVC 2013.
> Doc: Added iOS examples to manifest-meta.qdocconf
> Reserve some space for future use in QLoggingCategory
> Remove doc references to non-existing functions in QSurfaceFormat
> BlackBerry: improve BPS event lifetime management
> Rename BlackBerry arm mkspecs to be aligned with NDK structure
> Windows: Handle WM_SYSCOLORCHANGE as theme change.
> Fix crash in QXcbDrag.
> Fix typo in check for MINGW_W64 version
> Doc: Added a link to the Qt Quick Test page
> QFileDialog can delete files too, not just directories
> Dont crash if the platform plugin is not initialized
> de-duplicate QT_MODULES
> return()-related break() insanity is not necessary in qt5
> dont suggest to use qtAddModule(), its internal API
> Fix deploy mechanism.
> Move untranslatable stings to AndroidManifest.xml
> Rely on isLayered() to decide layering
> Fix misaligned selection region with text when centered
> Android/LinuxFb: fix QWidget::showFullScreen()
> Android: Make platform menu more robust
> QTextHtmlParser: restore the default link color from app palette
> Detect pointer size at configure-time on Windows-hosted builds
> dont load wayland-scanner for all projects on linux
> Fix compilation with latest MinGW-w64 (release 3)
> Better QWindowContainer by not relying on native widgets.
> Doc: Add missing \since 5.2 to QSizePolicy::retainSizeWhenHidden
> Skip extra PKGCONFIG variables with empty value

* qtdeclarative 9de3630...2c750b4 (74):
> Load image data on main thread
> QtQuick examples make use of the new pixelDensity property
> QtQuick.Dialogs DefaultFileDialog: visual improvements
> QtQuick.Dialogs MessageDialog: use Flow for button layout
> QtQuick.Dialogs: fake window decoration clips, is opaque for touch
> QtQuick.Dialogs: handle more keyboard shortcuts
> Work around Nouveau driver bugs
> Dont let contentItem be FINAL in order to allow shadowing.
> Remove the last C++ exceptions from QtQml
> Test: qmltest/fontloader were fixed
> Fix a regression introduced in I6e141a425c2b4cc0cd64c7f0011e7028b9147f69
> Use lookups in the interpreter
> Optimize some unops and binops for moth
> Moth: Inline a couple of binops
> Use one render loop per QQuickWindow
> qml tool: compiles with clang
> Fix qqmllocale test
> Cleanup QML specific JS code generator
> Fix adding created objects to instantiator.
> Add support of hidden files to folder list model.
> Speed up id object lookups
> Inline unary operations in moth
> Remove superfluous code.
> Modify SameGame to use QML Singleton
> Make sure custom particles mark themselves dirty.
> Prevent bogus warning message flood on nVidia driver related to mipmaps
> QQmlSettings: fix loading of initial values
> QQmlSettings: fix indentation
> Rework parameter handling for moth
> Remove the LoadValue instruction
> Move constants into the compiled data for the interpreter
> Add a constant table to the compiled data
> Seed Math.random in v4
> Track size changes from transform animators.
> Add references to Animators from the QML Type Reference
> Disable DST related locale test temporarily
> Fix interpreter without computed goto and new exception handling
> Remove qv4unwindhelper class
> Cleanup: Remove now unused throwInternal() method
> Fix the remaining try/catch statements in C++
> Protect write accesses to objects
> Avoid side effects when en exception has been thrown.
> Correctly catch exceptions in the API methods
> Properly propagate parse errors
> Exit the codegen in case we have thrown a parse error
> Implement new exception handling for moth
> Rework IR code generation for try/catch/finally
> Rework exception handling
> Disable the stack slot allocator
> Fix rendernode bug and enable rendernode test.
> QtQuick.Dialogs: resolution-independent controls use actual resolution
> Screen attached property: expose pixelDensity property
> Make sure QQuickBorderImage sets its pixmapChanged dirtyflag
> Use finalUrl in QQmlTypeLoader::Blob::addPragma to fix a bug.
> Explicitly mark subdirs as host_builds in SUBDIRS template
> simplify host_build logic again
> sanitize dependencies surrounding qmlimportscanner
> untangle SUBDIRS
> remove useless CONFIG-=app_bundle
> Make qtdeclarative compile with -no-gui
> Item documentation: visibleChildren is a list of items, not a real
> Clear text node references after sub-tree has been cleaned up.
> Doc: Fixed broken links
> V4 debugger: retrieve formals and locals.
> Allow " in QQuickStyledText
> Doc: Added a QML module page for Qt Quick Test
> Win32: Remove dependency to DbgHelp DLL
> Make LocalStorage more verbose
> Avoid crash when a QML signal is connected to a non-void slot
> Re-enable debugger autotests on Mac
> Remove ancient and unused leftovers
> Rename v4 to qmljs
> Make example work on Windows
> Re-enable working test.

* qtdoc a9e2b45...acda541 (7):
> Doc: Fixed broken link and typo
> Doc: Fixed broken links and other style issues.
> Doc: Added information about using OpenSSL
> Doc: Added Mac OS X for iOS installer information.
> Doc: Update details on VS Add-In support
> Doc: Added info on Creator and tested examples to iOS platform notes
> Doc: De-duplicate lists

* qtlocation 654b01a...725beb5 (7):
> Fix grammar mistake in satellite info source documentation.
> Improve QGeoSatelliteInfoSource API docs
> Remove incorrect position references in satellite documentation.
> Add QGeoPositionInfoSource::NoPositioningMethods enum value
> Add NoError to the various Positioning Source classes.
> Doc clarification on emission of updateTimeout() in QGeoPositionInfoSource
> Fix wrong signal names in documentation.

* qtmacextras 916bf33...fe4f9e5 (2):
> Fix build
> Change camel-case header <QMacFunctions> to <QtMac>

* qtmultimedia d7dd22b...852f684 (8):
> QSoundEffect: Set playing to true before starting the audio-device.
> Android: fix camera preview showing black frames after restarting it.
> WMF: emit positionChanged() signal when reaching the end of a media.
> Blackberry: Improve camera focus handling
> OpenSL ES: enable the plugin only on Android.
> BlackBerry: fix BbVideoWindowControl window zorder
> Blackberry: Fix camera viewfinder
> Blackberry: Fix video recording

* qtqa 134f1f4...50d9961 (2):
> qtqa: Adding some release branches to CI
> Adding websockets playground project into ci

* qtquickcontrols 6b3e530...6c5bcbf (18):
> Fix: Button does not toggle on keypress
> Updating plugins.qmltypes
> Add classnames for QML plugins.
> Adjust height if the ToolBar or StatusBar is dynamically hidden
> ComboBox: Minimize currentText changes when changing model
> Use depends instead of ordered for dependencies
> Switch styling fixes
> Dont add any extra space to RadioButton and CheckBox by default
> Menu: Fix submenu overlap and item width
> Add TextAreaStyle
> Doc: Fix links to Qt Quick Controls Styles items
> Doc: Add doc for ScrollViewStyle
> Fix tst_styles name
> Fix custom styled transient scrollbars
> Fix checkable Button behavior - toggle on release instead of press
> Added 9-patch functionality to StyleItem
> Ignore shift modifier in single selection mode
> Fix warning in ComboBox when model is empty

* qtscript 1deb9e7...24d678c (2):
> Fix compilation of Qt Script with MSVC 2013.
> Fix tab-completion for variables that have digits in them

* qtsensors e4ff587...243064b (4):
> grue example: Set qmldir.path correctly.
> BlackBerry: Disabled "returnGeoValues" feature
> static linking: add classname to qmldir
> make sensorfw plugin handle the sensord restarting.

* qtserialport c8b5312...e2fb29e (13):
> Respect the configure script run for udev
> Make the return value void for methods that would always return true
> Fix a typo (or copy/paste) error for the comment
> Set the error in the same method where the check against failure is done
> Make the enum value descriptions consistent
> Add support for loading udev at run-time
> Fix the broken example qdoc keyword value
> Fix a typo in the message printed to the stdout (creadersync)
> Close the standard input right after reading to avoid duplicate calls
> Add a new simple and command line reader example
> Add a new simple and command line writer example
> Fix a typo in the examples (patity -> parity)
> Remove qFind usage from QSerialPortPrivate

* qtsvg 6a4cc0b...2af7e73 (1):
> remove pointless #ifndef QT_NO_SVG

* qttools 84700da...093e82d (21):
> windeployqt: Fix matching of modules to take substrings into account.
> androiddeployqt: Remove support for QMAKE_SUPPORTED_ORIENTATIONS
> Fix resetting of string properties.
> Doc: Rename doc directory of Context Sensitive Help example
> make setting a bad $$[QMAKEFEATURES] not crash qmake
> Add JSON parsing support to qmake.
> qmake: Expose qmake arguments as QMAKE_ARGS
> qmake: Update internal mkspec on changes to QMAKESPEC
> qmake: Evaluate extra configs before loading default_pre
> qmake: Load extra variables only if also loading pre-files
> qmake: Expose ARGC to qmake functions to be able to check argument count
> qmake: add $$title() function to convert strings to title case
> ProParser: Plug raw data leak
> remove pointless statements
> query the presence of the right module
> Use stdout for debug output
> Fix dependency detection corner case
> Fix deploy mechanism.
> Move untranslatable stings to AndroidManifest.xml
> Smarter plugins resolver.
> Move JSON handling into utils

* qtwebkit 2761751...419af54 (8):
> Prospective build fix for builds with video disabled
> Support HTML5 media context menu items
> Load libudev at run-time
> Redisable debug-info on MinGW64
> Only use 64bit atomics when supported
> ASSERTION FAILED: !node || node->isShadowRoot() in WebCore::EventRetargeter::eventTargetRespectingTargetRules
> Fix NULL de-refernce in HTMLAnchorElement::sendPings when settings doesnt exist
> Fix build for boot2qt eAndroid

* qtwinextras 429abeb...516e6f0 (3):
> Change camel-case header <QWinFunctions> to <QtWin>
> Fix function pointer check.
> Fix MinGW-w64 GCC 4.8.2 compilation

* qtxmlpatterns 1fd8af1...5f2a2e7 (1):
> Fix compilation with mingw.org headers

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