[Development] async operation error guidance

Tony Van Eerd tvaneerd at blackberry.com
Tue Nov 5 17:12:37 CET 2013

Most of BlackBerry's APIs are async.
We are looking at moving some of these APIs into Qt.
Just as one  example, WiFi Direct.

I have been attempting to come up with some solid guidelines of how to deal with errors on async operations.

Some things to consider:

- the initial request may fail. ie


this could fail immediately if wifi is not on or various other reasons.  So does it return an error:

	ConnectError connectToDevice(SomeParams someparams);

or should even the immediate error be made async? 

It could also fail later, as it is mostly asynchronous. Or it could succeed with a result. ie

	Q_SIGNAL void deviceConntected(SomeDevice device);
	Q_SIGNAL void deviceConnectionFailed(SomeOtherConnectError error);

or one signal:

	Q_SIGNAL void deviceConnectionResult(SomeDevice device, ConnectionResult result);

Also consider that there are multiple async operations, not just 'connectToDevice'.  There is scan, startSession, etc.

Should there be a single error() covering everything?  Or one per task? Or a way to link the error back to the task?

	RequestId startSession();
	RequestId startScan();

	Q_SIGNAL void error(RequestId requestId, BigSetOfErrorEnums error, QString errorStringAsWellMaybe);

And there are a bunch more considerations. ie:

- "Error" vs "Result"  (I dislike Error::NoError, prefer Result::Success)
- Is "finished()" OK if it didn't _complete_ (successfully) or should it be... "ended()" or some better word?
- etc etc etc

For a "tl;dr" version, see the attached doc.

Thoughts greatly appreciated,

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