[Development] Qt 5.2 header diff: QtWidgets

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IIRC it wasn't even compiled into the QtWidgets library, although the documentation and everything existed, those symbols were never in Qt. Morten can say 100% at least but that is my understanding and recollection at least.


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But can be overloaded on the new types, right.

Does this 100% NEED to be reverted? It wasn't even functional until 5.2

I really hope this does not have to wait until 6.0, it was a great
improvement in usability.

We didn't say revert. But we need to restore BC.

Unless, of course, you tell us that no one could possibly have been using this
because it was so broken.
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Morten merged the port of QMacCocoaViewContainer and QMacNativeWidget to dev on 23 Sept.

Prior to that it was unusable.
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