[Development] Qt 5.2 qmltypes update

Alan Alpert 416365416c at gmail.com
Wed Nov 6 07:11:15 CET 2013

Similar to the header diffs, each minor version the .qmltypes files
for QML plugins gets updated and that diff
(https://codereview.qt-project.org/#change,70479) should show
everything that snuck into public QML APIs. I put my comments on
gerrit, it's better for inline review of code diffs. But it raised two

A) Would the ML like to see these? I can start the process for all the
modules which expose QML imports and post them to devel same as
Thiago's header diffs. Eventually the process of updating the APIs
should include updating the qmltypes file in the same commit, but
diffs could still be posted then.

B) It hit a few known issues (QTBUG-30309, QTBUG-33179 and
QTBUG-34602) with the QML versioning. They're mostly low priority, due
to it not having any practical impact on the runtime. But it shows up
in the .qmltypes files, so I'm wondering if we should prioritize them
for more accurate auto-completion?

Alan Alpert

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