[Development] Moving JP2 imageformat from qt-solutions to qtimageformats

Saether Jan-Arve Jan-Arve.Saether at digia.com
Fri Nov 8 10:50:13 CET 2013

> From what I can see, though, the real blocker here is the JasPer dep.
> I wholeheartedly agree that including JasPer as a dependency just for
> an icon engine seems like a rather insane requirement. But if there
Yes, and that's why I asked if it was relevant for OSX only, since then I believe the dependency to JasPer wouldn't be necessary then.

But regardless of that, I realize that it is better to just depend on the jp2k image plugin. That plugin might depend on JasPer or not (on Mac it can probably be done differently if people feel there is a good reason for it).

> (Also, it's worth noting that the JP2K image format is not a hard
> dependency. For many use cases, including mine, displaying a small
> icon in a dropdown or list view might be sufficient - and the JP2K
> image format might not be needed at all.  In fact, I'm not even
> building the JP2K image format myself at present - I only display the
> small variants of the .icns.)
True, I didn't think about that.

Jan Arve Sæther

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