[Development] Weird offseting in QDataStream

André Somers andre at familiesomers.nl
Fri Nov 8 13:37:40 CET 2013

Andreas Aardal Hanssen schreef op 8-11-2013 13:28:
> On 08 Nov 2013, at 12:41, Yves Bailly <yves.bailly at laposte.net 
> <mailto:yves.bailly at laposte.net>> wrote:
>>> ]I would recommend against using QDataStream for anything else than 
>>> reading back what was written using QDataStream.
>> This is what I called a step backward.
> It's just stating a fact. QDataStream isn't a generic cross-framework 
> class, it's not based on any standard. Its internal structure is 
> completely undocumented.
Wrong. It *is* documented: 
> It's compatible only with itself, and then, only with specific 
> versions of itself. It even encodes the QDataStream format version in 
> the stream itself.
No, it does not. You actually should set the version used explicitly in 
both the reader and the writer code especially _because_ the version is 
not in the data stream.
> So it's not a step backward. It's just a special-purpose class used 
> for more than it's designed for.
> Personally I think using fstream or htons is perfectly fine. Both are 
> portable, beyond what QDataStream does.
I think that creating some "raw" class is ridiculous. It will end up 
looking very, very much like QDataStream, only supporting less data 
types. Seems like a pointless excersise to me.


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