[Development] Virtual GUI framework

David Boddie davidb at met.no
Fri Nov 8 17:34:55 CET 2013

On 7 November 2013 19:40:59, David Boddie wrote:

> The minimal case can be done with QPA, as Friedemann mentioned in his
> reply. For my use case, I build minimal Qt libraries with only the
> features I need and use a dummy screen plugin to keep everything happy.
> The resulting library appears to run fine on servers without displays.
> I'll try to put the code up somewhere tomorrow.

This is what I did - it's really just a set of patches that are applied
within a Debian package building framework:


The configuration removes as much as possible from the build, so you
wouldn't want to try and use it to build a virtual GUI framework.
The use case for this is a library that renders images for a server.

There are various patches in there to fix some Qt headers - it seems
that some feature-sensitive code is not properly wrapped in #ifdef
checks. Are the cut-down Qt builds still tested these days?


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