[Development] ChangeLog updated for 5.2.0

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at intel.com
Tue Nov 19 05:02:32 CET 2013

I've just updated the Changelog for 5.2.0 with the output from the script that 
I've just uploaded at https://codereview.qt-project.org/71641. The changelog 
update is at https://codereview.qt-project.org/71642.

There were exactly 31 commits with [ChangeLog]. Please start using it more.

Here's the raw output before I manually merged and fixed mistakes:

$ perl qtsdk/packaging-tools/create_changelog.pl . v5.1.0..origin/release

Important Behavior Changes

 - The supported date range in QDateTime has been reduced to about +/- 292
   million years, the range supported by the number of msecs since the Unix
   epoch of 1 Jan 1970 as stored in a qint64, and as able to be used in the
   setMSecsSinceEpoch() and toMSecsSinceEpoch() methods.

 - QUrl and QUrlQuery:
   * [QTBUG-31660] QUrl no longer considers all delimiter characters
     equivalent to their percent-encoded forms. Now, both classes always
     keep all delimiters exactly as they were in the original URL text.
   * QUrl no longer supports QUrl::FullyDecoded mode in authority() and
     userInfo(), nor QUrl::DecodedMode in setAuthority() and setUserInfo().
   * [QTBUG-31945] QUrl no longer decodes %23 found in the fragment to "#"
     in the output of toString(QUrl::FullyEncoded) or toEncoded()
   * QUrl now defaults to decoded mode in the getters and setters for
     userName, password, host, topLevelDomain, path and fileName. This
     means a '%' in one of those fields is now returned (or set) as '%'
     rather than "%25". In the unlikely case where the former behavior was
     expected, pass PrettyDecoded to the getter and TolerantMode to the
   * QUrl now normalizes the path given in setPath, removing ./ and ../ and
     duplicate slashes.


 - QDateTime:
   * [QTBUG-26161][QTBUG-29666] Fully implement support for Qt::TimeSpec of
     Qt::OffsetFromUTC, added new methods for offsetFromUTC(),
     toTimeSpec(), and toOffsetFromUTC().
   * Added convenience methods for fromMSecsSinceEpoch() and fromTime_t()
     to take time spec to be used in returned datetime.
   * Add method timeZoneAbbreviation() to return effective time zone
   * The debug datastream is now an ISO-like format instead of Qt::TextDate
   * The Standard Time to Daylight Time transition for Qt::LocalTime is now
     handled correctly. Any date set in the "missing" hour is now
     considered invalid. All date math results that fall into the missing
     hour will be automatically adjusted to a valid time in the following
   * Added new method isDaylightTime() to return if the datetime is in
     Daylight Time or not.
   * Add support for a new Qt::TimeZone spec to be used with QTimeZone to
     define times in a specific time zone.

 - QJsonValue:
   * Added QJsonValue::toInt().

 - QStandardPaths:
   * QStandardPaths::enableTestMode is deprecated and is replaced by

 - QTime:
   * Added new methods fromMSecsSinceStartOfDay() to create a new QTime
     from an msecs value, and msecsSinceStartOfDay() to return the QTime as
     the number of msecs since the start of the day.

 - QTimeZone:
   * Added new QTimeZone class to support time tone calculations using the
     host platform time zone database and the Olsen time zone ID's.

 - QUtf8:
   * [QTBUG-33229] UTF-8 now accepts non-character unicode points; these
     are not replaced by the replacement character anymore

 - QVariant:
   * Fixed QVariant::canConvert with longlong
   * Variant containing enum types can now be converted to integer


 - ColorDialog:
   * Added currentColor property.


 - QPolygonF:
   * When a QVariant holds a QPolygonF() then it will be correctly seen as
     a null QVariant.


 - QPrintDialog:
   * Added support for setting CUPS job options in the print dialog.
   * Added support for setting CUPS Banner pages in the print dialog.
   * Added support for setting CUPS Page Set (even/odd pages only) in the
     print dialog.
   * Added support for setting CUPS Pages Per Sheet and Pages Per Sheet
     Layout options
   * Added CUPS server-side print range support for apps that can't support
     print range option themselves


 - QAbstractItemView:
   * [QTBUG-7232] QTBUG-7232 - In ItemViews scrollbars will now by default
     only scroll 1 pixel when scrollMode is set to scrollPerPixel. That is
     it will (when scrollMode is scrollPerPixel) do what is stated in the
     documentation, and no longer automatically adjust the scrollbars
     singleStep. The user can now control that value.

 - QHeaderView:
   * [QTBUG-4346] A maximumSize for sections has been introduced. The
     maximum section size is by default the largest possible section size
     which in Qt 5.2 has been limited to 1048575 pixels.

 - QTBUG-1180:
   * [QTBUG-1180] Dragging an item outside the QListView in icon mode
     doesn't lose the icon.


 - Platform Specific Changes / Windows:
   * [QTBUG-33409][QTBUG-8764][QTBUG-10032] Fixed virtual key mapping on

Thiago Macieira - thiago.macieira (AT) intel.com
  Software Architect - Intel Open Source Technology Center
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