[Development] New Qt 5.2 snapshots available & request for testing

Salovaara Akseli Akseli.Salovaara at digia.com
Wed Nov 20 14:38:46 CET 2013

Hi all,

We have new Qt 5.2 snapshot packages now available and we would like to kindly ask your help on testing. The packages (build #159) can be found from http://download.qt-project.org/snapshots/qt/5.2/5.2.0-rc1/2013-11-20_159/ but unfortunately iOS package is not available.

Please report your testing effort via http://testresults.qt-project.org/forms/release-testing form and in case of new bugs report those in JIRA https://bugreports.qt-project.org .

We have Release Test Automation (RTA) covering many areas for Desktop platforms (http://qt-project.org/wiki/Sanity-Test-Guidelines ) but RTA coverage for Android and iOS platforms is limited. If possible please pay attention especially to those platform packages when available.

Plan is to release Qt 5.2.0 RC1 during this week and all feedback is appreciated.


Latest Qt5 changes in new packages (Build #159): 

* qtbase eccd365...dcd71a0 (1):
> Android: Remove usage of QObject::tr()

 * qtbase 105da32...eccd365 (61):
> iOS: Dont enable kEAGLDrawablePropertyRetainedBacking
> tst_QWindow: Set explicit window position to please qWaitForWindowActive
> Android: Use native platform menus.
> tst_QAlgorithms: fix compilation with C++11 enabled
> QCollatorSortKey: inline operator<
> QCollator(SortKey): declare as shared
> QCollator: enable move semantics
> Crash fix in QTreeView::sizeHintForColumn().
> QFileSelector: mark ctor explicit
> Fix the window flags for Cocoa windows
> Try to find GL headers in Mac SDKs.
> Missing entry in QImage inplace_converter_map
> Fix compiler warning for cast from int to id.
> QCollator(SortKey): add member-swap
> QCollator: mark ctor explicit
> GTK theme should not claim to provide a native MessageDialog yet
> Remove stray debug output
> Fix QCoreApplication documentation.
> Dont maximize dialogs.
> QNX: Fixed touch event positions
> Change platform selectors to match qmake selectors
> Android: Support popup menus
> fix header bundling in some framework builds
> qcompilerdetection.h: add Q_COMPILER_UNIFORM_INIT
> QKeySequenceEdit: remove RESET function from keySequence Q_PROPERTY
> Match up the specified paper size to an existing one if possible
> Doc: Add missing \since 5.2 to QMap::first/last{,Key}
> Doc: Updated the \l links in the manual
> Doc: document QCoreApplication::arguments() behavior fix in Windows
> Enable QOpenGLTexture for OpenGL ES 2
> Avoid using GLX pbuffers on fglrx
> Remove side effects of QGLXContext::queryDummyContext()
> Update QSurfaceFormat when creating a GL context in the cocoa qpa
> REG: Fix changing input method parameters on Android
> QTimeZone: mark ctors as explicit
> Doc: remove superfluous \since 5.2
> QTimeZone: declare as shared
> Android: work around input method cursor position bug
> QTimeZone: add member-swap
> Android: Initialize mWindowState
> Fix jerky animations in Qt Quick for iOS.
> use the new "stash" instead of the (anything but) "regular" cache
> support a cache that is really just a cache
> clean superfile and cachefile paths upon creation
> Use compile check instead of searching header for ICU
> Autodetect Fontconfig for QNX
> Autodetect Neon support under Windows
> Detect architecture before auto detection
> QOpenGLTexture: mark (QImage) ctor explicit
> QOpenGLTexture: mark (Target) ctor explicit
> QOpenGLPixelTransferOptions: declare as shared, add move assignment operator
> Android: fix crash on exit
> iOS: Enable clipping of subviews when QWindow has child windows
> iOS: Remove background color for UIWindow and UIViewControllers root view
> iOS: Get rid of separate release pool for QIOSScreen
> iOS: Tie QIOSContext FBOs to corresponding QPlatformWindow, not QWindow
> iOS: Handle key window as part of QWindow activation
> iOS: Flesh out device-pixel-ratio handling in QIOSWindow
> configure: Document that -sdk only applies to the target mkspec
> Check for existence of QML import paths.
> Fully expand entities to ensure deep or widely nested ones fail parsing

* qtdeclarative da31479...2602390 (5):
> Greatly reduce memory consumed by QQmlEngine instances
> FileDialog example: remove setGeometry button
> Fix compilation on QNX
> V4: remove failing assert and fix code.
> Fix failing assertion when trying to assign to an id referenced QML object

* qtdeclarative f0349e7...da31479 (25):
> V4 SSA: speed up dominator calculations.
> Fix compiler warnings with mingw64.
> Make sure we clean up GL resources before we delete the GL context.
> Fix small bug in array sorting
> Make comparison of singletons and qobjects work
> Doc: Fixed list of animation types.
> Make use of GL_APPLE_texture_format_BGRA8888.
> Fix interaction between head room and appending in arrays
> Dont assert in QQuickItem::update
> Limit the amount of memory we allocate on the stack
> Dont call receivers from disconnectNotify
> Remove -enable-debugger argument from qml executable
> Fix lockup in creator.
> Do not crash when one of group animations children is null
> Remove version definition from custom particle shaders for OpenGL ES.
> Deprecate logicalPixelDensity
> examples/quick/window example: fullscreen is possible on OSX
> Fix === operator for value types
> Doc: Fixed QtQuick.Window documentation
> Fix stacking order bug in the renderer
> Dont crash when trying to assign to null.prop
> Make tst_qqmlprofilerservice more robust
> Dont dereference a null animationTemplate
> Avoid deadlock in Qt Creator
> Improve internal debug statements.

* qtdoc 805ecea...08b4755 (6):
> Doc: Update Qt Enterprise information and supported platforms
> Doc: Edited configure options article.
> Doc: Added information about the Try Qt Enterprise page.
> Doc: Reorganized information in smaller topics
> Doc: Work on iOS platform notes
> Doc: Updated the intro page

* qtlocation 898f292...c4d3b33 (4):
> Fix install path for examples
> Fix qdoc references following shift of example dirs
> Doc: Update .qdocconf to match example folder structure
> Reorder example dir structure according to Qt convention

* qtquickcontrols 444601e...5b38d39 (5):
> SpinBox: get active focus when up or down was pressed
> Fix plugins.qmltypes
> TextEditor example: use the MessageDialog for the About box
> Make sure menu bar has a parent window
> ApplicationWindow has the WindowFullscreenButtonHint flag by default

* qtscript 78985c5...15bb30b (1):
> Fix compiler errors.

* qttools 6ca1df2...f8a2a4f (5):
> initialize/reset parser context properly
> support a cache that is really just a cache
> clean superfile and cachefile paths upon creation
> move setting of _QMAKE_{SUPER,CONF,CACHE}_ to a more logical location
> Make sure .qch file is opened read-only

* qttranslations 0963a45...604441b (4):
> Update German translations after string freeze.
> Update Japanese translations
> adjust the changed behavior of handling "alien" translators
> adjust to appearance of vanished state

* qtwebkit 8c7a760...0224bf8 (6):
> Fix compilation on ARM
> Fix left-over reference to qtlocation
> Fix crash when converting QObjectList
> Fix MSVC2013 compilation
> Add padding objects for classes with netscape plugin api conditionals.
> Trigger layout after resizing the FrameView.

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