[Development] New Qt 5.2 snapshot build #172 available..

Salovaara Akseli Akseli.Salovaara at digia.com
Tue Nov 26 14:48:00 CET 2013


We have new Qt 5.2 snapshot packages now available http://download.qt-project.org/snapshots/qt/5.2/5.2.0-rc1/2013-11-26_172/ 
Unfortunately Linux installers are not available.

These packages are considered to be really close to RC1 release packages.
Please report your testing effort via http://testresults.qt-project.org/forms/release-testing  form and in case of new bugs report those in JIRA https://bugreports.qt-project.org .


Latest Qt5 changes in new packages:

* qtbase eafa224...40290b0 (10):
> actually complain about invalid -[no-]{sql|imageformat}-* options
> iOS: update keyboard layout upon focus transfer
> iOS: add [QUIView updateTextInputTraits]
> iOS: dont loose precision when converting CG types
> iOS: dont scroll after inputItem has moved
> iOS: scroll screen when keyboard opens
> iOS: Do not skip building QtGraphicalEffects module
> iOS: Do not skip building QtQuickControls module
> iOS: Do not skip building QtMultimedia
> Allow for QtDeclarative and QtQml to co-exist at run-time

* qtdeclarative 1b8795e...ce38c71 (10):
> Fix out of bounds array access when index is integer and negative
> Use QFontDatabase to check if a font is scalable.
> Stop render thread regardless when the window is being destroyed
> Fix rendering of Flipable content.
> No assert when the focus changes and a window has no active focus item.
> Fix memory corruption in QML expression compilation
> Allow for QtQml and QtDeclarative to co-exist at run-time
> Do not crash when resizing invisible (non-tracked) windows.
> Android: Add qmltooling plugins to apk
> Be even more tolerant towards broken platform behavior.

* qtmultimedia f0f6205...041e75d (1):
> Add mmrenderer configure check

* qtserialport dc4e899...e0be9ed (1):
> Fix the detection of PCI serial ports with sysfs and without udev

* qtbase a474b1d...eafa224 (19):
> iOS: decouple QIOSWindow and QIOSInputContext
> fix handling of \\ in replacement string in s/// cmd of built-in sed
> Fixed assert in Windows key handling
> fix handling of | in s/// commands of built-in sed
> adequately shell-escape generated sed commands
> Prepare for printing support.
> Add PPS configure check
> QNX: Only link libclipboard when building with clipboard support
> BlackBerry: Fixed root window size, continued
> Avoid incorrect warning when painting onto a QImage
> iOS: Re-enable kEAGLDrawablePropertyRetainedBacking
> iOS: Deliver resize events synchronously after setGeometry for QtWidgets
> iOS: Allow QBackingStore::flush() without beginPaint()
> iOS: Fix build against iOS 5 SDK and auto-rotation on iOS 5
> iOS: Use separate release pool for qt_ios_version()
> iOS: Change show() to imply maximize, and showFullScreen() to hide status bar
> iOS: Take position of root viewcontroller into account for geometry changes
> iOS: Fix when and how we send geometry and expose events
> Add convenience macros for checking OS X and iOS platform SDK and target

* qtdeclarative 475879b...51da186 (5):
> Android: Add qmltooling plugins to apk
> Be even more tolerant towards broken platform behavior.
> QtQuick.Dialogs MessageDialog docs
> Safeguard the threaded renderloop against incorrectly exposed windows.
> Avoid symbol clashes when linking QtDeclarative and QtScript statically

* qtquickcontrols bc477d4...34523bb (1):
> Set more window flags to keep Windows from omitting titlebar & buttons

* qttools 082efca...9ca1e89 (1):
> rewrite support for listing translation files as sources

* qttranslations 604441b...46718cc (1):
> Ukrainian translation update

* qtwebkit 8d3a152...fb02f6e (1):
> Doc: Fix issues in Qt WebKit documentation config file

* qtwinextras 7317f44...4431a4d (1):
> Fix disableBlurBehindWindow(QWidget*)

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