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Steve Gold steveg2357 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 30 21:27:41 CET 2013

I am sending this to the Development mailing list per a suggestion by Tomasz Siekierda.

Why is there no online installer for snapshots (e.g., betas and rcs) like there is for official releases (e.g., qt-windows-opensource-1.4.0-x86-online.exe)? There are 7 different downloads available for Windows (plus 4 for Mac and 4 for Linux) and it’s a pain to have to download one snapshot for Android (which, BTW, includes minGW 32 bit but NOT 64 bit), one for msvc 2012 64 bit, etc., and then install each of them, especially when the previous snapshots should be uninstalled.

Is there any way to update Qt Creator and Qt other than uninstalling an old version/snapshot and installing a new version/snapshot? The lack of an update facility makes it difficult to use snapshots and provide meaningful, continuous input. I also feel that this is a serious omission in the capabilities of Qt Creator, etc.

IMHO, changes in the above would make it easier to be more productive and would be beneficial for the Qt project overall.


Steve Gold
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