[Development] Linux release binaries too old

Blasche Alexander Alexander.Blasche at digia.com
Mon Aug 25 17:25:26 CEST 2014


It is my understanding that the current Linux release binary packages are built on Ubuntu 11.10 machines. This is very ancient. In fact for Bluetooth Low Energy (new feature in 5.4) this is too ancient.

What's needed is a machine that has Bluez 4.101 or newer. This means even the fairly old 12.04 is too old unless we retrofit those newer headers. If we don't want to retrofit and assuming we want to stay with Ubuntu we'd require 14.04.

Bluetooth requires the newer headers only at build time. I tested binaries on 12.04 by faking the new symbols and it still seemed to work. 

The question is how many old distros do we leave behind? Bluez 4.101 was released in June 2012. If distros update Qt they are likely to recompile anyway.



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