[Development] [developpement] Qmake - add "simple makefile" option/template

Samuel Deal samuel.deal at gmail.com
Mon Jul 7 16:55:36 CEST 2014

Hello everyone !

Even for simplest projects qmake generate makefile which has a dependency
on qmake.
I think it would be great if qmake had an cli argument or a template to
clean makefile without this dependency.

Of course, It could only be used for simple C++ project.
I can hack that if you think this patch could be integrated
(if you think the code is clean enough, of course)

If you don't see when it could be usefull, here is my context:

I'm working on some small C++ project for an embedded device, without qt
and running only on linux.
I'm using the so great QtCreator ^^.
So I have my .pro file, and qmake generate the makefile with very good
computed c++ files dependencies.

But my build toolchain is buildroot, on another computer. So I don't have
qmake on it.
Moreover I prefer distribute the source-code with a simple makefile, since
my software don't have any qt dependencies.

I know I could use cmake, or auto-tools or manual makefile. That's what
I've done.
But I think this new option could be usefull for other guys.

What do you think about it ? Could a path for this feature be integrated?

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