[Development] How to have equivalent of functions over-riding in Qml

Martin Leutelt martin.leutelt at basyskom.com
Wed Jul 9 16:25:49 CEST 2014

the problem is that your Derived.qml isn't actually derived from Base.qml, since you're using 'Item'instead of 'Base' as a root item. This will work:
Base.qmlItem {    function method1() {}}
Derived.qmlBase {   id: base}
SomeOtherQml.qml...Derived {   id: derived1}...Calling derived1.method1() now will call the function in Base. If you add an identical function in Derivedwill then lead to function method1() of Derived being called.
travik <ravikiran.tallapalli at wipro.com> , 7/9/2014 3:45 PM:
Hi, I would like to have equivalent of compile time polymorphism in in  
Qml. a.k.a function overriding. 
I know inheritance can be obtained by including the base-class in derived  
class. (A realisation of the principle called inheritance by composition) 
I also want to have some default implementations of the baseclass to be  
available and invoked, in case the derived class does not provide its own  
In Qml sense, a method is function. So 
   function method1() 
Derived.qml (in same folder as base.qml) 
    id: base 
  Derived { id: derived1 ... } 
.. else where in this file, 
   derived1.method1() - should call, Base::method1, because derived1 does  
not re-implement it (in the sense of inheritance) 
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