[Development] About inheriting QBlitterPaintEngine from QGL2PaintEngineEx class

haithem rahmani haithem.rahmani at gmail.com
Sat Jul 12 12:41:26 CEST 2014


what I want is make qpa plugin use the GPU to do complex drawing instead of
the Raster.

The QGL2PaintEngineEx is part of the QtOpenGL module, hence I didn't find
how to integrate it in the QtGui.

any help please?


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> Hi,
> When running Qt-5 on top of the directfb qpa plugin,  some benchmarks are
> quite slow.
> (http://smashcat.org/av/canvas_test)
>  I've found that the 2D painting ops are going through the
> QBlitterPaintEngine class
> that is inheriting the QRasterPaintEngine class, which is doing all the
> painting via CPU.
> Qt provides another paintEgine class, QGL2PaintEngineEx, that is doing the
> same paintings via the GPU.
> So I want to know whether is possible to make the QBlitterPaintEngine
> inherit this QGL2PaintEngineEx
> instead of QRasterPaintEngine and got things working correctly or not?
> PS: the eglfs qpa plugin is going through the QRasterPaintEngine class too.
> regards
> Haithem.
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