[Development] About inheriting QBlitterPaintEngine from QGL2PaintEngineEx class

Jorgen Lind jorgen.lind at digia.com
Tue Jul 15 09:39:09 CEST 2014

> In my case the inter-operability is guaranteed by the fact the opengl libs
> I'm using  come  with
> a directfb/egl backend, i.e DirectFB surfaces are used as buffers where the
> GPU can daw.
> >  When that is said, it will be a lot of work to base QBlitterPaintEngine
> > 
> > on top of QOpenGL2PaintEngineEx, to give something that gives acceptable
> > performance.
> if it is feasible, I can have a look on it, but my big issue is that the
> QGL2PaintEngineEx is part of the QtOpenGL Module while the
> QBlitterPaintEngine is in the QtGui.
> And I can't find/see any clean way to isolate the QGL2PaintEngineEx
> declatartion/implementation and move it under QtGUI module.
> Could you give me some hints?

Ah, right. That's not a problem. When we did Qt5 a few of the QGL* classes 
where replicated inside the QtGui module. To avoid name clashing they where 
called QOpenGL* instead. So inside src/gui/opengl you will find 
qopenglpaintengine_p.h which contains the class QOpenGL2PaintEngineEx, so you 
can use this. 

I think making QBlitterPaintEngine will lead to a bit of an odd architecture, 
but if your confident that it will solve your problem, then know yourself out 


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