[Development] Precompiled headers enabled for most modules (if you enabled precompiled headers)

Milian Wolff milian.wolff at kdab.com
Tue Jul 15 15:51:03 CEST 2014

On Tuesday 15 July 2014 15:32:10 Milian Wolff wrote:
> On Tuesday 27 May 2014 14:21:40 Thiago Macieira wrote:
> > Hello
> > 
> > This is your friendly note that all Qt modules that don't have C or
> > assembly code are now using precompiled headers. I've tested this
> > solution for a couple of months with GCC on Linux, Clang on Linux, Clang
> > on Mac and the Intel compiler on Linux.
> > 
> > As it turns out, I didn't test it in all modules with Visual Studio. I've
> > just fixed one problem in QtScript and we have one left in qtlocation for
> > QtLocation which makes no sense to me and I can't reproduce.
> > 
> > This change does *not* enable precompiled headers by default. You still
> > need to pass -pch to the configure script or to configure.exe in order to
> > get them. It simply creates a precompiled header for the modules that
> > didn't previously define one, unless explicitly overridden.
> > 
> > When you should override:
> >  - when you have C, Objective C (not Objective C++) or assembly sources
> >  
> >    [done for all current modules]
> >  
> >  - when you need to do ugl^H^H^Hclever hacks with preprocessing that not
> > 
> > even NO_PCH_SOURCES can help
> > 
> >    [no known instance]
> >  
> >  - when you have a better precompilation source than the default
> Hey Thiago,
> I have an issue with PCH's. I do not pass the -pch flag to configure, yet
> still I regularly get build errors like the following, even on clean builds:
> In file included from <command-line>:0:0:
> /usr/include/stdc-predef.h:59:1: error: one or more PCH files were found,
> but they were invalid
>  #endif
>  ^
> /usr/include/stdc-predef.h:59:1: error: use -Winvalid-pch for more
> information /usr/include/stdc-predef.h:59:1: fatal error: .pch/Qt5Quick: No
> such file or directory
> compilation terminated.
> The above is from QtDeclarative (dev branch), but I've also seen it in
> QtBase and QtXMLPatterns, even while doing "make install" after a
> successful make... It seems to be related to the number of jobs running, a
> "make -j1" seems to work most of the time, yet a "make -j40" on a compile
> cluster fails most of the time. It is pretty random, as it fails on
> different files across rebuilds. I guess, if I'd run a make in a for loop
> until if finished successfully it might work eventually but of course that
> is not an option.
> I'm now trying to explicitly disable pch with -no-pch in QtBase and see
> whether that makes a difference. Considering that I did not pass -pch
> before, I wonder if it makes any difference...
> Did anyone ever see such an issue? What am I doing wrong? I'm building Qt5
> dev branches with gcc 4.9.0 over icecream on an up2date ArchLinux system.

FTR: Passing -no-pch explicitly seems to have helped indeed. Which is odd, no? 
Did the default change and are PCH now enabled by default?

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