[Development] New Qt5.3.2 snapshot available

Heikkinen Jani Jani.Heikkinen at digia.com
Tue Jul 29 12:06:03 CEST 2014

Hi all,

There is now new snapshot for Qt5.3.2 available in http://download.qt-project.org/snapshots/qt/5.3/5.3.2/
2014-07-29_129/ contains windows packages
2014-07-29_99/ contains mac packages
2014-07-28_119/ contains linux packages

There are pretty many changes in these packages so it might be good idea to check if all is still working OK...

Qt5 changes in these packages:

https://codereview.qt-project.org/#/c/87821/ :
Patch Set 84:

* qtactiveqt e70056c...ace3226 (2):
> Dont use QT_STATIC_CONST here
> Bump version

* qtandroidextras 960276c...a441d81 (1):
> Bump version

* qtbase c92ece4...aaaba5d (157):
> tst_QSet: verify that {}-style initialization drops duplicates
> tst_QMap: replace QVERIFY(x == y) with QCOMPARE(x,y)
> tst_QMap: verify that {}-style initialization drops duplicates
> tst_QHash: replace QVERIFY(x == y) with QCOMPARE(x,y)
> tst_QHash: verify that {}-style initialization drops duplicates
> QNAM: Fix CPU load for limited upload QIODevice
> qmake: Document the "aux" template type.
> Use the stateless UTF-8 encoder in QStringRef::toUtf8
> Doc: corrected autolink errors in qnamespace.qdoc
> Windows: Fix assignment of margins in QPageSetupDialog.
> QPixmap::fromImage() should detach when changing QImage format
> Windows: Add Qt Creator PATH update tip for missing SQL client dlls
> tst_qurl: add tests for mailto parsing and toString. No bug.
> Windows: Fix window geometry when transiting from fullscreen to maximized.
> Windows printing: Preserve painter when syncing state.
> Android: Fix tests in gui/text requiring test data
> generate QGL header file from qgl.h
> Ensure transient parents are top level widgets.
> Windows: Send QTabletLeaveProximity events.
> Added stream version into network cache file format
> make QtWidgets claim style plugins
> CMake: Dont check the existence of GL files in the Qt5Gui package.
> QSplitter: Exclude top level widgets from child event handling.
> Doc: Hide QTextInlineObject constructor from the documentation
> Android: Simplify the jni code in QtAndroidClipboard
> Android: Simplify the jni code in QAndroidPlatformServices
> Android: Update QSslSocketPrivate::fetchSslCertificateData()
> Work around ICC bug in brace initializations containing constexpr
> Doc: edited qtxml.qdocconf
> xcb: QTabletEvents and proximity events correctly identify the tool
> Android: Prefer "Droid Serif" as default serif font
> Fixed wrong function name in a file snippet
> Android: enable FBO readback workaround for more devices.
> Fix fallbacks for adapted common script
> Fix fallbacks for adapted common script
> QSslCertificate: blacklist NIC certificates from India
> Doc: moved saxbookmarks example files
> tst_qdir: Move QFINDTESTDATA() from init() to constructor.
> Doc: moved streambookmarks example files
> Dont assert when HB-old is unable to deal with surrogates
> Android: Fix compiling targets with space in name
> REG: Fix nbsp in QTextLayout
> Support getting test data from qrc
> Android: [REG] Fix QScreen::physicalSize()
> Document QApplication::cursorFlashTime() can return -1
> Fix for code snippet in commandlineparser documentation
> Doc: removed trolltech.com from namespace in manual qdocconf file
> Android: Refactor exception checking in qjni.
> Fix typo in QGraphicsView documentation.
> Fix QTimer with negative interval in QWidgetLineControl::setCursorBlinkPeriod
> Attempt to work with Visual Studio in -Za (strict ANSI) mode
> Improve QListWidget documentation.
> Fix debug output of QTouchEvent.
> Doc: fix a link in QAbstractOpenGLFunctions documentation
> Accessibility Linux: Fix crashes when accessing invalid functions
> QPdf::addImage(): avoid a QImage detach when its in an acceptable Format
> Make QDom/QXmlSimpleReader reentrant.
> Move QXmlReaderPrivate to private header.
> Add opt-out environment variable for @2x images
> Listen to touch events on the master device instead of slave.
> add support for device linux-arm-hisilicon-hix5hd2-g++
> Cocoa: Handle Qt::WA_ShowWithoutActivating
> Cocoa: Handle Qt::WindowDoesNotAcceptFocus
> Cocoa: Fix Qt-in-namespace build.
> Cocoa: Separate framestrut and normal button state
> Make tst_QLocale::macDefaultLocale() more robust
> QMacStyle: Fix focus frame rendering in Yosemite
> OS X: when opening a URL via QFileOpenEvent, pass as QUrl
> Fix some tst_qwidget test cases
> QNX: Override QPlatformScreen::topLevelAt
> xcb: make sure to update window title when it is changed
> Skip unstable autotests in QtBase.
> WINCE: Fix grabWindow
> Empty icons and Cocoa menu items.
> Address Book example: Fix QTableView column sorting
> QOpenGLTexture: fix the feature test for Buffer Textures
> qDebug: fix data race in qt_message_print
> Accessibility Windows: Do not assert on invalid indexInParent
> Fix annoying warning from ICC 14 on Windows
> [bcm97425] Fix parameter issue in platformDestroy hook
> Doc: Various \note fixes in Qt namespace documentation.
> winrt: DNS lookup: dont have duplicate entries
> Mac Style: Fix QLineEdit frame in 10.10
> Android: Fix hover-event handling.
> Android: Fix namespace usage
> Doc: Fix typo in QScopedValueRollback
> Fix pixel noise in X11 systray icons that are not 22x22
> tst_qcollator: Exclude failing test cases for non-ICU/Windows.
> QMac/FusionStyle: fix the background color for transient scrollbars
> Android: Fix compilation of qtcpsocket test
> Android: Fix compilation of qhostaddress test
> Android: Fix compilation of qpluginloader test
> Dont compare the target methods for SlotObject connections
> qtoolbar: add missing header on OSX.
> Remove bogus nullptr check for reference
> Add a comment stating QMutex::isRecursive should be made const in Qt6
> Fix QMutex documentation saying some function are static while they are not
> Delete qml_plugin_import.cpp file only during distclean
> WinRT: no read-only paths in QStandardpaths::writableLocation
> Fix compilation on Windows without precompiled headers
> QWin32PrintEnginePrivate check for NULL pDevMode and hdc.
> Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch origin/5.3.1 into 5.3" into refs/staging/5.3
> Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch origin/stable into 5.3" into refs/staging/5.3
> QColorDialog: Do not update custom/standard color cells while picking.
> Fix -Werror compilation on big-endian
> CMake: Allow modules to specify the location of tests.
> Mark behavior of QFileInfo::absoluteFilePath as undefined in corner cases
> Translate Super/Hyper keys to MetaModifier
> Fix logging file location docs
> CMake: Report an error if unit tests are not found for a module.
> Fix QRingBuffer::readPointerAtPosition()
> Make the fetchAndAddRelaxed function a member template
> Doc: qInstallMessageHandler cannot return 0.
> GIF decoding: do not seek() if the image is loaded over the network
> network internals: do not try to cache a deleted entry
> Fix memory leaks in QFseventsFileSystemWatcherEngine
> Cocoa: Do mouse move and cursor update handling separate from view
> Mac networking: only try system proxy credentials once
> Mac networking: check system keychain for proxy auth
> Simplify mirroring code and add tests for non-aliged 1 bit images
> Print the reason why SetWindowsHookEx failed.
> Cocoa: cleanup modal sessions for dialogs not run with .exec()
> Add that the corner settings are saved/restored with the state
> Correct grammar of missing Q_OBJECT macro warning.
> Doc: Fix docs for QFontMetrics::height() to match code
> Fix installation of private headers generated by wayland-scanner
> CMake: Load plugin files unconditionally if present.
> QIcon: Prefer high-quality images of Windows .ico files.
> tst_qicon: Resolve all files using QFINDTESTDATA().
> Fix warnings from MSVC 2013
> Move most of the QLibraryPrivate initialization to its constructor
> QComboBox: update focus policy when setting a new line edit
> Cocoa: fix Option + any key in key event
> When filling the path it should use the painters pen not the states
> Fix data race on QLoggingCategory when using qDebug from multiple threads
> fix QT_SUPPORTS macro with msvc2008
> Remove the use of QT_STATIC_CONST in QtSql
> Fix compilation with /Zc:strictStrings
> QWindowsPrintDevice check for NULL pDevMode from PPRINTER_INFO_2
> Correct QImage::fill(uint) on RGBA8888 formats
> XCB: Fix leak with touch devices
> pass a pointer instead of a reference to initFrom()
> Properly check which OpenGL features are supported
> Do not overwrite existing event mask of root window
> Remove the widget from the stylesheet cache before polishing
> Remove unused define XCB_USE_IBUS.
> Attempt to fix intel compiler build error.
> Use QModelIndex to get the data from underlying model
> QGuiApplication: Document -plugin command line argument.
> QEventDispatcherWin32: Use a shared class name for the message window.
> Windows: Mark only mouse events synthesized by touch as such.
> Fix compilation in under -no-c++11 mode
> Fix compilation with the Intel compiler on certain systems
> Fixes QFontDataBase addApplicationFont on WEC.
> Bump version
> Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch origin/stable into 5.3" into refs/staging/5.3
> Fix animations in static builds

* qtconnectivity ad0df0d...de6e373 (9):
> Move socket workaround into own fctn and fix possible channel mismatch
> Fixed QTBUG-40172 Android Bluetooth Socket Connection fails in some cases.
> Remove dead code.
> Reduce system header dependencies
> Add code to test service discovery on specific remote device
> Remove usage of BluetoothSocket.isConnected()
> Add ability to abort server sockets via bttestui
> Fix crash in bttestui when using default backend
> Bump version

* qtdeclarative 1e39eb5...14bc8dc (42):
> Fix interaction of garbage collector with JS objects during QML type instantiation
> Do not use mark() when marking ExecutionContexts
> Dont recreate header and footer unnecessarily
> Clear the visibleImgTags list when setting up the text layout
> Improve programmatic flicking of ListView (and Flickable).
> V4: work around a bug in libc++s std::vector<bool>
> QQmlComponent::create(): visual items must have a visual parent.
> Clean up the textures when deleting the content
> Schedule layout changes to avoid refill() recursion.
> Add autotest for incorrect steal of flick.
> Do not crash AtlasTexture if image is null
> Fix Node object leak in QQuickTextEditPrivate
> shift and unshift fail for QQmlSequence types
> Check for window != 0 in QuickTestResult::grabImage().
> Doc: add documentation for the RSS News example
> Fix typo in documentation
> Binding Text width to implicitWidth can result in incorrect layout
> Docs: fix "classname" indentation in the qmldir specs
> Fix role for generic Accessible items
> Calqlatr demo: Remove unused files
> Remove usage of external dependencies from the RSS News demo
> Fix crash on QQmlEngine destruction.
> Dont dereference null QQuickWindowPrivate.
> Add opt-out environment variable for @2x images
> Doc: correct link/compilation errors in Qt Declarative
> Fix crash in Flickable with pressDelay.
> Skip rssnews demo if xmlpatterns is not present
> Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch origin/5.3.1 into 5.3" into refs/staging/5.3
> Avoid double deletion of QQuickWindow
> Fix intermittent crash with older MinGW releases
> Doc: Add documentation for the Maroon in Trouble example
> Merge remote-tracking branch origin/stable into 5.3
> Fix crash when deleting component in Component.onComplete through loader
> Fix memory leak in QQmlComponent::createObject
> QQmlObjectCreator: Clear sharedState componentAttached in destruction/clear
> Initialize velocity
> Improve RSS News Qt Quick Demo
> Fix QQmlComponent detailed description.
> Add a QQuickWidget - QQuickView comparison example
> Fix crash in QObjectWrapper
> Use QSignalSpy instead of waitFor in tst_qpacketprotocol
> Bump version

* qtdoc 7025f10...9df45a1 (9):
> Improve documentation of custom QDebug stream operators
> Doc: Fixed small typo in graphics topic page.
> Doc: Updated the list of Demos published
> Update "Getting Started with Qt for Android".
> Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch origin/5.3.1 into 5.3" into refs/staging/5.3
> Add WinRT to Digia supported platforms
> Doc: Added information about required QML library directories.
> Doc: Adding Stylesheets examples page to main "Qt Examples..." page.
> Bump version

* qtenginio 07885f2...ca82a19 (5):
> Fix QDebug includes
> Fix static build
> Merge remote-tracking branch origin/1.0.5 into 1.0
> Add dummy cmake test for enginio.
> Bump version

* qtgraphicaleffects 82abf69...ca99f8c (1):
> Bump version

* qtimageformats 1c66c57...85e621e (2):
> Fix DDS image writing
> Bump version

* qtlocation 036c51c...d771c5d (4):
> Fix issues with MapItemView.
> Fixed symbol clash between sensor and positioning plug-in on iOS
> Fix the names of the plugin factory classes for static plugin loading
> Bump version

* qtmacextras 039a356...c5a3e9a (2):
> Merge remote-tracking branch origin/stable into 5.3
> Bump version

* qtmultimedia 34ab2b5...f31e186 (19):
> Ensure the system libraries are linked against when -no-opengl is used
> CoreAudio: make sure audio stops playing when the device is muted.
> Android: Make sure we check and clear exceptions from the camera.
> DirectShow: Refactor camera backend.
> Android: fix setting camera parameters from QML.
> AVFoundation: correctly pass output URLs to AVCaptureMovieFileOutput.
> PulseAudio: make plugin more robust.
> Fix documentation for QML Cameras cameraStateChanged signal.
> Fix AudioOutput example when no audio devices are available.
> QAlsaAudioOutput remove async callback.
> QAlsaAudioInput remove unused async_handler member.
> GStreamer: correctly handle URLs from QMediaRecorder::setOutputLocation
> GStreamer: fix looping a media when its loaded from qrc.
> Doc: link errors
> Android: fix crash when stopping the camera while a recording is active
> Android: fix registering recorded videos with the Android media scanner
> Android: correctly update camera focus zones.
> Merge remote-tracking branch origin/5.3.1 into 5.3
> Bump version

* qtqa 0856043...33748af (11):
> QWebChannel: Renamed QWebChannel to QtWebChannel
> Add QtConnectivity wip/win branch to CI
> tst_bic: Black-list QDebug::Stream
> Disable some tests for WinRT
> Add qtconnectivity/src/nfc/neard to license header blacklist
> Add QtConnectivity/neard branch to CI
> Qtqa: Add Enginio 1.0.5 branch into ci
> Create a mapping between Enginio and Qt5 branches.
> Qtqa: Adding Qt 5.3.1 branch into ci
> Removing QtPims stable and master configs from CI
> Update qt_update_submodules.pl for qtpim and qlalr

* qtquick1 26e713c...8e7fa2b (2):
> Compile fix: do not use composeMode() if QT_NO_IM is defined.
> Bump version

* qtquickcontrols d67c98c...44a6374 (30):
> Updated the example so that it adapts to the orientation change
> Centralize determination of "no desktop" configurations
> Do not embed the Desktop style into resources on irrelevant platforms
> Improve implicit size of Calendar on high DPI devices.
> MenuStyle: fix default text rendering type
> SpinBox: dont force active focus when tapping the buttons on touch
> Fixed incorrect cursor when moving column in TableView
> Doc: Updated the example documentation
> Dialog: Add missing docs
> Fix editable ComboBox mouse cursor
> Doc: Update image for ApplicationWindow
> Fix SpinBox mouse cursor
> Mention that ApplicationWindow is not visible by default.
> Allow QT_QUICK_CONTROLS_STYLE pointing to resources
> TextField/Area: soft dependency to inputMethodHints
> Use the correct parent window for menu popups
> Revise unstable and slow GridLayout auto test
> Doc: Add a link to Tab in TabView documentation
> Doc: Added images and missing snippets
> Merge remote-tracking branch origin/5.3.1 into 5.3
> Cleanup whitespace
> Remove QtWidgets dependency for WinRT
> Remove Widgets dependency for QNX
> ComboBox: open the popup on release on touch devices
> Slider: fix behavior inside a flickable on touch
> Singleton SystemPalette
> Kill unnecessary SystemPalette instances
> Remove unused BasicButton::__textColor
> Fix grammar in Layout::fillWidth and Layout::fillHeight documentation.
> Bump version

* qtrepotools 10bc1a5...21ab5a2 (12):
> Exclude .xib, .nib, .storyboard, and .storyboardc from tabs check.
> fix system() return value handling
> add --draft/-d option
> ensure that we are operating from the clones top-level directory
> add more verbosity to git command invocations
> beautify the command echoing
> factor out determine_target
> factor out add_reviewers
> un-object-orient
> also consider changes in DRAFT state
> catch new format of expanded gerrit change urls
> Validate Task-number capitalization

* qtscript 2b71f5f...11ca348 (3):
> Work around ICC optimizer bug hoisting conditions out of the loop
> Fix crash when creating a QScriptEngine in a native thread
> Bump version

* qtsensors 87b569c...4c29e91 (6):
> Add missing word to QCompass documentation.
> Restore setting of sensors interface.
> Series of crash fixes from Mer, squashed
> [sensorfw] need to run init after sensord has been restarted
> Merge remote-tracking branch origin/5.3.1 into 5.3
> Bump version

* qtserialport 065f526...76f293b (14):
> Add the synchronous loopback data verification test
> Doc: Edited example documentation.
> Return from the loop if a port name is found
> Wrap of getting the port properties on Windows
> Do not continue waitForReadyRead() if an error occurred
> Refactor of the QSerialPortInfo for OS X
> Make independent implementation of QSerialPortInfo for OS X
> Improve error handling for the waitForXX() methods on Windows
> Unify handling of errors of the overlapped I/O result
> Abort waitForReadyRead() when there is an error
> Improve the serial number handling on Windows
> Improve the ResourceError handling on Windows
> Improve the I/O completion errors handling on Windows
> Bump version

* qtsvg 35a2f08...66444e5 (1):
> Bump version

* qttools 7017fe8...a7d5e67 (5):
> windeployqt: Clear read-only attribute when copying files.
> qtpaths: add missing GenericConfigLocation, exists since Qt 5.2.0
> windeployqt: Added Qt 5.3 modules to module list
> winrtrunner: Prevent crash when closing run engine
> Bump version

* qttranslations ed43bd8...cf4d6f7 (3):
> Update German translations for 5.3.2.
> Update Czech translation
> Bump version

* qtwebkit ba4102c...1e0e8bb (25):
> Show placeholder text when focused
> Do not override padding in textfields
> Avoid crash when hidePopup is called multiple times
> Added support for appending an escaped SegmentedString to another.
> QWebPage crashes on drag without QWidget view
> Crash during exception unwinding
> Bad cast from CSSInitialValue to CSSValueList
> use after free in WebCore::DocumentOrderedMap::remove / WebCore::TreeScope::removeElementById
> Actually load icc.prf for the Intel compiler
> Prevent interpreting URL parameter for Qt plugins as content URLs.
> Fix android build error about already defined struct.
> Fix SpeculateCellOperand ASSERT failure in DFG for 32-bit builds.
> QtWebKitWidgets should not depend directly on QtQuick
> QWebHitTestResult::element() should return the inner element
> Specify location of CMake tests
> Fix WebView crash when using gcc 4.9.
> Fix debug builds of qtwebkit on linux-icc
> Qt5WebKitWidgets should keep private dependencies private
> Prevent crashes when the QWebView gets reparented.
> Fix build with gcc 4.4
> Add qtxmlpatters to sync.profile
> GraphicsContext for Qt: add popTransparencyLayerInternal method.
> Bump version
> Merge remote-tracking branch origin/stable into 5.3

* qtwebkit-examples bce5056...9fc5459 (1):
> Bump version

* qtwebsockets eb16b19...ca03374 (3):
> Use 0 instead of Q_NULLPTR in public headers.
> Fix a typo in proxy handling.
> Bump version

* qtwinextras 024bfcc...b128803 (1):
> Bump version

* qtx11extras 2d84caf...61e0824 (1):
> Bump version

* qtxmlpatterns e13d30b...78c2367 (1):
> Bump version

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