[Development] New Qt 5.3.1 snapshot available

Heikkinen Jani Jani.Heikkinen at digia.com
Tue Jun 3 09:17:45 CEST 2014

New Qt 5.3.1 snapshot available here: http://download.qt-project.org/snapshots/qt/5.3/5.3.1/2014-06-03_98/

Qt5 changes:
Patch Set 11:

* qtbase 1364242...42f9a61 (23):
> Fix QSysInfo::macVersion for OS X minor versions greater than 9.
> Update the QSignalBlocker docs to show actual behavior
> Do not resolve the java functions for each call
> CMake: Fix build with unversion_libname configuration
> QAbstractProxyModel::sibling: treat row/column as offsets within the proxy
> Windows: Fix another crash when creating QRawFont from invalid data
> Move native subwidgets in QWidget::scroll().
> Fix Null pointer dereferencing in an error handler
> Remove the need for the dot in OS X/iOS bundle prefix
> doc: Updated Qt D-Bus Examples.
> Cocoa: Fix modal session cleanup.
> Partially revert "Cocoa: support modal windows"
> Revert "Cocoa: Dont stop NSApp when showing a modal dialog"
> Revert "Cocoa: Post event to "show()" a modal window"
> Fix QOpenGLGlyphTexture object leak
> Remove unused QMapNode{,Base}::minimumNode
> Fix fast painting of clipped text on non RGB32 formats
> Doc: be more explicit about need to set expected SSL cert in errors
> Improve the implementation of the _NET_WM_SYNC_REQUEST protocol
> Initialize the count variable used in SQLNumResultCols to 0
> UTF-8: always store the SIMD result, even if invalid
> plugin/bearer remove static QDBusConnection::systemBus() initialization
> Fix typos in comments (qfreelist and qmutex)

* qtconnectivity d1d2fcf...19f10aa (2):
> Bluez4: Ensure QBluetoothLocalDevice becomes invalid if adapter disappears
> Process Bluez5 URLs during SDP scan

* qtdeclarative d837595...bc59d42 (18):
> QNX: Fix qquicktext auto test
> Fix potential null pointer dereferencing
> Fix copy and paste error
> Fix AccessibleAttached property documentation
> Dont add the database before verification
> Fix emission of QQmlListModel::rowsAboutToBeXxx() signals
> Fix QSGPlainTexture object leak
> Fix tst_textinput.qml
> QQuickWidget: Support drag and drop
> Fix type of AnimationController::animation in documentation.
> Photoviewer: Allow using the Android back button to go back.
> Fix compilation on MSVC 2008
> Fix crash (failing assertion) when declaring a non-string id property
> Fix QQmlScriptString::isEmpty for script strings without source code
> deduplicate and decruft SUBDIRS list
> Fix crash when sharing data structures between 32-bit and 64-bit
> Fix cached compilation units for file imports
> V4 JIT: fix usage of d1 on ARM.

* qtdoc d367222...df81ea6 (1):
> Doc: Adding a page which lists Android-friendly examples.

* qtenginio 813fdcf...07885f2 (1):
> Doc: review updated Enginio documentation

* qtmultimedia 7e668fe...efa4628 (4):
> Use Q_CONSTRUCTOR_FUNCTION macro to register multimedia meta types.
> OpenSL: dont try to enqueue new buffers when the buffer queue is full.
> Remove C++11 code in iMX6 video node plugin.
> Android: fix calling start() and stop() on the video surface.

* qtqa 9b8b162...0856043 (3):
> ci.cfg: Sort qttools job definition alphabetically
> qtqa: Add configurations for 5.3 branches
> ci.cfg: Remove all the configurations for the release branch

* qtquick1 4b7a0a0...26e713c (1):
> Dont add the database before verification

* qtrepotools 0b21559...10bc1a5 (1):
> Enforce use of proper Apple-related terminology.

* qtserialport 29c3740...76e3365 (5):
> Dont emit error in destructor of QSerialPort.
> Move out processing of ResoureError from processIoErrors()
> Refactor unix setBaudRate() error handling
> Disable automatic header precompilation for QtSerialPort
> Add test for the waitForBytesWritten() method

* qttools 004bda5...eaf0699 (2):
> windeployqt: Observe qtlibinfix.
> Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch origin/release into stable" into refs/staging/stable

* qttranslations c34911d...ed43bd8 (1):
> Merge remote-tracking branch origin/5.3.0 into stable

Patch Set 4:

* qtbase 9b27240...1364242 (14):
> QOpenGLFramebufferObject: correct the internal format when using ANGLE
> Android: Report current selection to the input method
> WinRT: Fix compile warnings
> Make QT_MAC_OPENGL_SURFACE_ORDER=-1 work better
> Cocoa: Remove the NSWindow -> QCococaWindow hash.
> Cocoa: Prevent crash on QWindow delete.
> Direct2D QPA: Match raster engine line output
> Ensure all encrypted bytes are sent when closing QSslSocket.
> Replace hard-coded qWait() by QTRY_COMPARE/VERIFY in widget tests.
> Cocoa: Make sure modal windows get correct geometry on show
> Account for the sort indicator being placed above the text on Vista
> Fix loss of precision warnings
> IPv6 scope ID of zero is not valid
> QOpenGLTexture: test for extensions when checking features

* qtdoc 6273302...d367222 (1):
> doc: Updated link to "Qt D-Bus Examples"

* qtrepotools a422148...0b21559 (2):
> fix regexp
> use warnings instead of perl -w

* qtserialport c711f38...29c3740 (1):
> Fix compilation of qserialport auto-test with Qt4

* qtwebsockets f548258...eb16b19 (1):
> Bump MODULE_VERSION to 5.3.1

* qtwinextras 2d09a94...024bfcc (1):
> Polish the quickplayer example.

https://codereview.qt-project.org/#change,85943 :
Patch Set 10:

* qtbase 1b03163...9b27240 (39):
> Fix the doc so it uses the defined parameter names for the signals
> QPrinter/Windows: Fix handling of native paper source ids.
> Windows: Fix qt_imageFromWinHBITMAP().
> Remove unused variable in qwindowsmousehandler.cpp.
> iOS: Be more careful when hiding the keyboard upon enter
> fix and de-duplicate qprocess apidocs
> escape apostrophe
> fix C4275 warnings for MSVC 2010 build
> fix qmlplugindumps import path construction
> fix/simplify the qmlimportscanners import path construction
> purge obsolete variable documentationPath
> fix quoting and path separators in qtPrepareTool()
> Call doneCurrent on QOpenGLContext when the surface dies
> WinRT: fix default font when DirectWrite is disabled
> Direct2D QPA: Fix HighRes painting
> Direct2D QPA: Add missing break statement
> Mark tst_qfiledialog2 as insignificant due to failing tests
> Fix a crash in QOpenGLTexture::allocateStorage()
> Stabilize and speed up tst_QGraphicsItem::cursor().
> QPrintDialog OSX: Fix qApp->processEvents arguments
> Fall back to ANGLE BlitFramebuffer and RenderbufferStorageMultiSample
> WinRT app manifest: update namespace prefix
> WinRT: Support High-DPI
> ANGLE WinRT: Create swap chain using physical resolution
> Support Windows Phone 8.1 in WinRT QPA
> Add build support for Windows Phone 8.1
> Direct2D QPA: Move QVectorPath conversion function into private class
> Direct2D QPA: Get rid of QPainterPath conversion function
> Direct2D QPA: Cache QVectorPaths if drawn more than once
> Trigger repaint of window when toggling unified toolbar on or off.
> Mark the missing QDnsLookup constructor as \internal
> Fix for bindvalue(int) memory allocation problem
> Fix broken QPlainTextDocumentLayout after removing chars
> Cocoa: Do not process ampersands in menus twice.
> Socks5 socket engine test: Disable UDP over Socks test
> Android: Fix crash caused by unintentionally modification of env data.
> xcode generator: dont modify or copy QMAKE_INFO_PLIST
> iOS: dont report negative selection ranges for backspace
> Disable hash seeding for bootstrapped tools

* qtdeclarative 009ad87...d837595 (12):
> Record synchronous and asynchronous events separately in profiler test
> Samegame: Add qsqlite as a needed QTPLUGIN
> Mark clip node dirty regardless of how its geometry was changed.
> Re-enable qquicktextinput test on Mac OS X
> Fix failing assertion inside MSVC STL in debug builds
> Fix Number.toExponential with parameter
> Dont crash on Android
> Fix copy and paste error
> Fix copy and paste error
> Focus event fix for QQuickWidget
> Make a pro file based project out of the photoviewer example
> Merge remote-tracking branch origin/release into stable

* qtlocation 2559644...749cdff (3):
> Fix crash on S4 when running Satellite and Position updates concurrently
> Add snippet app to verify plugin implementation
> Implement WinRT plugin for positioning

* qtmultimedia 93e73fd...7e668fe (1):
> Android: Fix loading from qrc

* qtquickcontrols be888c7...82a0a82 (1):
> TableView: cleanup unused Text left over

* qtserialport c74b2e2...c711f38 (5):
> Add support for PCI vendor/device information
> Initialize dataTerminalReady and requestToSend.
> Inspect lock file to determine busy state.
> Fix compilation of qserialport auto-test with Qt4
> Move the WinCE implementation into separate module

* qttools 3f24e2c...004bda5 (2):
> Exclude qtdiag when QtGui is not available.
> windeployqt: Add missing "audio" plugins for QtMultimedia.

* qtwebsockets b474a43...f548258 (1):
> Document WebSocket::sendTextMessage(string message)

* qtwinextras f5aa8ff...2d09a94 (1):
> Polish the musicplayer example.

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