[Development] Disable printing support

Massimo Callegari massimocallegari at yahoo.it
Fri Jun 13 11:21:08 CEST 2014

Hello Alessandro,
that did the trick ! Thank you very much.
I've added QT_NO_PRINTER and QT_NO_PRINTDIALOG to my qmake.conf
Qt5 base 5.3.0 still builds fine. libQt5PrintSupport is still created but it's only 43k now.
Unfortunately QtWebKit doesn't seem to change in size (I guess cause the print library is still there) but that's a start.

Thanks again,

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>Oggetto: RE: [Development] Disable printing support
>From: Massimo Callegari
>Sent: Thursday, June 12, 2014 11:05 AM
>> Hello everyone,
>> a very simple question: is it possible to disable qtbase printing support ?
>> I couldn't find an option in the 5.3.0 configure script.
>> I'm working on an embedded platform and disabling printing support would save around 1MB, 
>> considered also that if QtWebKit detects libQtPrintSupport, it will build the printer 
>> support as well.
>Hi Massimo,
>You can try adding "-D QT_NO_PRINTER" as configure parameter. That should strip out all the printing code. I can however not guarantee you that Qt will successfully compile, because not all of these QT_NO_* switches are maintained.
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