[Development] New Qt5.3.1 snapshot available

Heikkinen Jani Jani.Heikkinen at digia.com
Thu Jun 19 08:31:16 CEST 2014

Hi all,

New Qt5.3.1 snapshot available here: http://download.qt-project.org/snapshots/qt/5.3/5.3.1/2014-06-19_117/

These packages are really close to final Qt 5.3.1 packages, only few changes are missing (see https://codereview.qt-project.org/#/c/87807/, patch set 2). https://codereview.qt-project.org/#/c/87807/ is under integration & new packaging round will be started immediately when it succeed. Snapshot with that final content should be available in http://download.qt-project.org/snapshots/qt/5.3/5.3.1/ late today / tomorrow morning.

These  packages will be then Qt5.3.1 final candidate packages. Plan is to release Qt5.3.1 during next week & we won't update these packages anymore if there isn't something really critical broken...

Please test these packages & inform us immediately if you find some really critical regression compared to Qt5.3.0 release.


Qt5 changes in this snapshot:
https://codereview.qt-project.org/#/c/87532/ :

* qtbase 9c80a3b...c92ece4 (9):
> QRasterPlatformPixmap::createPixmapForImage(): Avoid crash when QImage conversion failes
> xcb: touch device mode is either Dependent or Direct, not Rel or Abs
> install .lib files for static libs again
> Flush xcb connection before EventDispatcher is going to block
> Fix data race in accessing QDBusConnectionPrivate::serviceNames
> Android: REG: Fix crash.
> Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable' into 5.3
> QFontComboBox sometimes became too wide because of wrong fixed size
> Android: Report something sensible for screen geometry

* qtconnectivity 5fe214b...ad0df0d (1):
> Properly deal with pairing errors in btfiletransfer example

* qtdeclarative 17ee404...1e39eb5 (3):
> Separate renderer out in "OpenGL under QML" example.
> Use newest QtQuick in rssnews demo
> Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable' into 5.3

* qtmultimedia 150ff66...34ab2b5 (1):
> Improved audiooutput and audioinput examples.

* qtquickcontrols f6845c2...d67c98c (1):
> Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable' into 5.3

* qtserialport 450f79d...065f526 (1):
> Fix mixed up vendor and product identifiers

* qttools 788638b...7017fe8 (1):
> Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable' into 5.3

* qtwebkit f7d9266...ba4102c (1):
> Fix letter-spacing in SVG

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