[Development] Proposal: All Qt modules must use the same version number

Stephen Kelly stephen.kelly at kdab.com
Mon Jun 30 10:28:28 CEST 2014

On Monday, June 30, 2014 10:15:47 Giuseppe D'Angelo wrote:
> On 30 June 2014 09:50, Stephen Kelly <stephen.kelly at kdab.com> wrote:
> > Does "5.4.0" qualify?
> > 
> > How much testing does a 'new major version' need?
> But according to that scheme that should the version number used when
> linking against QtCore 5.4.0, shouldn't it?

My point is:

Qt minor releases are 6 months apart.

How realistic is it to conceive, plan, implement and test a 'new major 
release' of an entire module in that timespan?

Would it be better for users of Qt to stick to the Qt schedule instead? 

What is a 'new major release' in that scenario anyway? How does it differ from 
a 'new minor release of Qt' and 'a new minor release of module Y'? How useful 
is it (for someone trying to understand a release of anything) that those are 
all different things?


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