[Development] CI broken again?

BogDan bog_dan_ro at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 5 10:01:49 CET 2014

>>  Hi,
>>    I'm trying to push this patch: 
> https://codereview.qt-project.org/#change,79826 but CI doesn't like me.
>>    Because CI seems to be based on luck, can CI folks give us a daily CI 
> horoscopes forecast on this matter? E.g. if you are not born on the end of March 
> and you don't have have only two android pending patches, then you are in 
> luck ! :)
> It's normal; if your patch cannot cause the failure then keep staging until 
> it finally goes in.
> Sometimes though, we try to fix the autotests that fail the most frequently.  If 
> you can't reproduce the failure on your own machine, with the same OS, often 
> the cause seems to be heavy multi-tasking on the CI machines, which will slow 
> down timing-sensitive tests to the point of failure.  But even that is hard to 
> prove, since CI is a black box to most of us; and even if you get access to a CI 
> machine to run tests on, they won't fail because it's not multi-tasking 
> so heavily at that time.  (And if it was, you'd have a problem to do 
> anything interactively anyway.)  You also can't add qDebugs or other types 
> of verbosity to tests to try to debug CI failures because reviewers will say 
> that tests should not be verbose.

  Well, I pushed again the submit button (after I said a little pray) and it fails in the same please (it seems God doesn't like me anymore). I really don't believe it has something to do with the heavy multi-tasking on the CI machines (or with God) ... to me it looks that the test is broken or something went in that make it breaks every time, but I wonder how that something got in, in the first place...


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