[Development] New snapshot build from Qt 4.8.6 available

Salovaara Akseli Akseli.Salovaara at digia.com
Mon Mar 17 19:07:39 CET 2014

Hi all,

New snapshot build from Qt 4.8.6 available: http://download.qt-project.org/snapshots/qt/4.8/2014-03-17_517/ 

Packages are built against sha1 6ede9f99f98ed511b78935f7c6537470dce94239 "network: fix doc typo in QNetworkConfigurationManager" (HEAD) and this build also has MinGW4.8.2 upgrade from Mingw-Builds i686-4.8.2-release-posix-dwarf-rt_v3-rev2 to Mingw-Builds i686-4.8.2-release-posix-dwarf-rt_v3-rev3. If blocker issues for Qt 4.8.6 release are found please report those to bugreports.qt-project.org and raise issue also on releasing at qt-project.org.

We would like to try freeze sha1 again and issue Release Candidate during this week. If you have critical patch pending on codereview please act according to that schedule in mind. All changes before "rebuild configure.exe" (not yet in codereview, expected to be available on this Wednesday) will be part of Qt 4.8.6 release. After that sha1 changes will be considered case by case.


Akseli Salovaara
Digia, Qt

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