[Development] [Releasing] First Qt 5.3 Beta snapshots available

Felix Hammer f.hammer at web.de
Thu Mar 20 16:58:59 CET 2014


what's about: https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-35784
It is a P1 and for me it is blocker since 5.2 :-(
Any chance to get it into 5.3 beta? I would really like to test it.


Am Mittwoch, 12. März 2014, 12:51:22 schrieb Heikkinen Jani:
> Hi all,
> We have finally first snapshots for Qt 5.3 Beta available here:
> http://download.qt-project.org/snapshots/qt/5.3/5.3.0-beta/2014-03-12_5/ .
> Unfortunately there is only Linux ones & few for windows. We are hoping we
> could get more windows ones soon, maybe even today. Mac installers are also
> under work, let's see if we can produce those already today...
> Please try existing ones, verify your fixes & report your new findings to
> Jira.
> Br,
> Jani

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