[Development] Errors creation iOS OpenSSL project (Repost)

Derek Cole derek.cole at gmail.com
Mon Mar 24 12:48:23 CET 2014

What I meant was: do I specify which openssl at configure /compile time
for Qt, and it always uses that one, or do I specify OPENSSL_LIBS for
every project I build with that version of Qt?

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Em dom 23 mar 2014, às 23:44:33, Derek Cole escreveu:
> When I a pass that --openssl-linked option on the ./configure line, do I
> need to also specify OPENSSL_LIBS at that time? Can someone post some
> instructions on how to use a linked OpenSSL with QT? I thought I would be
> able to set an OPENSSL_LIBS variable per project/build kit for my projects,
> and have a different linked SSL for each of those. Is this an incorrect
> assumption?

If you use -openssl-linked, then QtNetwork will link to OpenSSL. Then you have
to deploy that one, always.

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