[Development] New Qt5.3 Beta snapshot available

Heikkinen Jani Jani.Heikkinen at digia.com
Mon Mar 24 13:01:42 CET 2014


There is already few related issues open, like

https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-33441 & https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTCREATORBUG-10917

If this one isn't covered please create new report


From: Kurt Pattyn [mailto:pattyn.kurt at gmail.com]
Sent: 22. maaliskuuta 2014 14:53
To: development at qt-project.org
Cc: Heikkinen Jani
Subject: Re: [Development] New Qt5.3 Beta snapshot available

Installer on Mac OSX with Retina display shows low resolution application icon.
When tabbing through the open applications an ugly looking icon is shown.
Should I file a bug report for this?



On 22 Mar 2014, at 11:24, Heikkinen Jani <Jani.Heikkinen at digia.com<mailto:Jani.Heikkinen at digia.com>> wrote:

New snapshot available in http://download.qt-project.org/snapshots/qt/5.3/5.3.0-beta/2014-03-22_26/


Qt5 changes in this snapshot:
Patch Set 6:

* qtandroidextras 2ee4dc0...743ca45 (2):
> Update the AndroidManifest
> Add test for isClassAvailable()

* qtbase b66950b...3d5234e (61):
> REG: Android: Fix freeze when accessing assets
> Cocoa: Fix geometry for embedded QWindows.
> Set unified toolbar height accurately.
> Teach font database to populate families lazily
> Fix bundled HarfBuzz-NG build on Mac
> Respect scrollbar position setting on Mac
> Android: Try to hide the sw keyboard on finishComposingText.
> network: add support for NTLM Session Security
> BlackBerry networking: call special select() method
> Logging: Remove PatternFlag::Invalid from QLoggingRule
> QFusionStyle: support transient scrollbars
> QPushButton: draw label using the stylesheets font.
> Stop omitted enum value from showing up in Qt namespace doc.
> QApplication: fix scroll phase handling for wheel events
> Docs: Correct OpenGL ES naming
> Resurrect advanced bindTexture() features in QtOpenGL
> ANGLE D3D11: Fix internal index buffer for level 9 hardware
> Print when logging rule is invalid.
> Fix crash if SSL_get0_next_proto_negotiated() cannot be resolved.
> Fix creating directory hierarchy for WinRT
> Save using a window-modal sheet on Mac OS X.
> Cocoa: Follow-up m_sendUpAsRightButton for DnD
> Cococa: Make QMacNativeWidget work again.
> Cocoa: call SetFrontProcess on raise()
> Accessibility Mac: Implement most TextEdit functions
> Accessibility Mac: Implement setting focus
> Accessibility: Improve QTextEdit
> Accessibility Mac: Fix TextEdit
> QProcessEnvironment: Fix handling of magic environment variables
> Update year in About Qt dialog
> Fix compiler warning in example
> Avoid QImage copy in toTexture()
> Return false on context creation failure
> Correct QPainter::setPen() documentation.
> Fix positional binding values order in QSqlQuery
> encode the MSVC version in our mkspecs
> make -separate-debug-info sane
> purge -separate-debug-info=nocopy
> make -separate-debug-info configure tests sane
> do not silently accept -separate-debug-info -static
> Android: Check for exception before calling NewGlobalRef().
> Android: Re-enable threaded rendering
> Fix QAbstractScrollArea to respect transiency per scrollbar
> qmake: add replacement function getenv
> Cocoa: Set surface resolution for all GL surfaces
> QOpenGLWidget retina support.
> Delete the OpenGL context before the window.
> Cocoa: Close windows with QWSI::handleCloseEvent()
> Cocoa: Enable QQuickWidget on Mac OS X.
> Use parent cursor for QLineEdits clear button when not shown.
> Fix WinRT manifest for Visual Studio.
> Fix compile for embedded Android
> Fixes: style runtime warnings when painting too small widgets
> QOpenGLContext: Use color depth information from QSurfaceFormat
> Workaround for misbehaving [UIScreen screens] in iOS 7.1
> Remove register storage class specifier in armv6 atomics
> QMenu: Enable sloppy submenu mouse navigation
> QMenuPrivate: Make sloppyDelayTimer non-static
> QMenu: Sloppy menu selection should allow hovering separators
> Do not run tst_qcolumnview in parallel
> Fix tst_QColumnView::scrollTo()

* qtdeclarative 12e55ea...20d9454 (5):
> Fix QQuickView::grabWindow() on retina displays
> Implement high-dpi "@2x" image handling.
> Clearly point out the distinction between GUI and Render threads.
> Finish QML test cases after waiting for deletion
> Behavior fix when creating QML windows

* qtdoc 0faa939...b1ac807 (3):
> Doc: Remove reference to QtJsBackend
> Revert "Doc: Added info on Qt WebSockets module"
> Harmonize WinRT documentation with other platforms

* qtmultimedia d876417...dcf11bb (4):
> Android: Make the Mediaplayer more robust
> Mac: Re-enable qcamerabackend test
> AVFoundation: Add QVideoWindowControl support
> Fix VideoOutput::autoOrientation documentation.

* qtquick1 9aac83d...6ac69be (1):
> Correct QDeclarativeTextEdit::positionToRectangle().

* qtquickcontrols f9bff21...b69eb02 (4):
> StyleItem: Resolve item palette per item type
> Set numerical input hint on SpinBox
> Try to maintain bindings to checked property in CheckBox
> Let ApplicationWindows default max size be unbounded.

* qtsensors 14293dc...971fc95 (1):
> Implement QAccelerometer accelerationMode

* qttools 7e4e164...84dc42b (5):
> Long live qtdiag!
> winrtrunner: install missing dependencies
> winrtrunner: simplify error handling
> qtd3dservice: use HString class where appropriate
> winrtrunner: use HString class where appropriate

From: Heikkinen Jani
Sent: 21. maaliskuuta 2014 15:24
To: development at qt-project.org<mailto:development at qt-project.org>
Subject: New Qt5.3 Beta snapshot available

Hi all,
We have new snapshot available in http://download.qt-project.org/snapshots/qt/5.3/5.3.0-beta/2014-03-21_24/  (content is just mirroring so it might take some time to have all visible everywhere...)

Unfortunately these aren't final beta packages but pretty near so please test these & verify your fixes. Plan is to release Qt 5.3 beta at the beginning of next week


Qt5 changes in this snapshot:

* qtandroidextras a65ceba...2ee4dc0 (1):
> Fix documentation for QAndroidJniObject

* qtbase 433ebd1...b66950b (16):
> Fix typos in QRegExp documentation
> Update bundled libxkbcommon version to 0.4.0
> Fix bundled HarfBuzz-NG build outside QtGui
> Fix QByteArray memory corruption in QIBaseDriver::open().
> update bundled sqlite to
> QNX: Remove sending synchronous window system events
> QNX: Fix QToolTip
> Do not run tst_qabstractitemview in parallel
> Fix double release in QTimeZone on Mac
> Accessibility Mac: fix role for links
> WinRT: Fix QDesktopServices::openUrl() for local files
> WinRT: Load system fonts using DirectWrite
> X11: defaultDragDistance depends on screen resolution
> Handle key release events correctly
> Android input method improvements
> update changelog for QtSql 5.3.0

* qtconnectivity 2802eac...08e2153 (3):
> QNX connected state fix
> Qt Bluetooth: Show correct names when compiling the module
> Doc: Document signals (not handlers) under \qmlsignal

* qtdeclarative ecd4a9b...12e55ea (31):
> Cleanup: Remove last traces of QQmlScript
> QQuickWidget: Fix SizeViewToRootObject
> Invalidate all batches potentially affected by a change.
> Set correct FBO size for devicePixelRatio != 1
> Compilation fix
> Clear the chain of incubated objects in QQmlIncubatorPrivate::clear
> Cleanup: Get rid of QQmlScript::TypeReference
> Cleanup: Remove dead code
> Cleanup
> Clean up script imports
> Clean, part 3
> Use Q_ASSERT instead of assert
> Enable constant propagation for all types
> Fixes to for...in statement
> Optimize construction of SimpleArrayData
> Dynamic GL in Quick
> Add surface format to QQuickWidget.
> Release the mouse grab from PinchArea when its not needed anymore
> Doc: Fix broken \qmlsignal links
> Doc: Document signals (not handlers) under \qmlsignal
> Save painting events in Qt5 style with thread ID from qmlprofiler
> Register animation profiler callback also from render thread
> Doc: Reintroduce missing sample XML file for XMLRole documentation
> PinchArea: zooming requires pinch distance to exceed the threshold
> FolderListModel: pessimize change signals when the filter changes
> Small optimization to RegExp
> Add some specialized lookups for two internal classes
> Minor optimization: Avoid some QString constructors
> Item views: improve initial Z-value handling
> Cleanup, part 2
> Use QUrl::toLocalFile() when decoding a string URL

* qtdoc b836df3...0faa939 (3):
> Doc: Changed "WinRT" page title to "Qt for WinRT".
> Doc: Fix broken \qmlsignal links
> Doc: fix deployment tool name

* qtimageformats 37e34e1...554d617 (1):
> Remove unused and unlinked qdocconf file from the project.

* qtlocation c2a59fa...a13d8e8 (2):
> Doc: Document signals (not handlers) under \qmlsignal
> Nokia plugin: Move message about malformed reply to common messages.

* qtmultimedia c24c3b1...d876417 (7):
> QNX: Evaluate mm-renderer buffer status
> Tidy up Audio documentation.
> Prevent crash when there is no camera device available
> Doc: Document signals (not handlers) under \qmlsignal
> WMF: fix some issues with our custom video sink.
> WMF: remove some debug output.
> OpenSL ES: lazy initialization of QAudioInputs supported formats.

* qtquickcontrols 6aba49f...f9bff21 (7):
> Do not reduce items size when snapping to pixel grid.
> Add example for indeterminate progress bar animation
> ComboBox: fix a warning in MenuContentItem
> MenuItem: Dont delete owned bound actions
> Doc: Append handler names to \qmlsignal documentation
> ScrollView: flick threshold comes from platform style
> Slider: dont prevent stealing until drag threshold is exceeded

* qtsensors 522026b...14293dc (1):
> Doc: Append handler names to \qmlsignal documentation

* qtserialport 5be9ea0...33bd1e0 (1):
> Use QScopedPointer (RAII) for avoiding the memory leak for udev

* qttools 626f717...7e4e164 (7):
> windeployqt: Add module Qt5MultimediaQuick_p.
> Adding debug option to the winrtrunner.
> Store changed status of the QAxWidgets "control" property correctly.
> Android: Fix line break.
> qtd3dservice: Add some missing sleeps
> winrtrunner: Relay debug messages from local apps
> qtd3dservice: Remove control file handling

* qtwebkit 76cd131...fef642e (2):
> Fix static builds
> Fix compiler warnings when building Qt WebKit

* qtwebsockets 965899d...fd65264 (3):
> Move examples into websockets folder
> Doc: small fix in documentation
> fix compilation with QT_NO_NETWORKPROXY

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