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Vincenzo Rubano vincenzo.rubano at icloud.com
Wed Mar 26 20:39:24 CET 2014

Hi all,

this message is especially for Frederik. As I promised, this is the message I sent to Heikkinen Jani (the Qt release manager) some time ago with a detailed report of Qt Creator accessibility issues and the report of a critical accessibility issue that affects the Qt installer.



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> Oggetto: Qt 5.2 and accessibility issues on Mac OS X
> Data: 08 marzo 2014 12:55:12 CET
> A: Heikkinen Jani <jani.heikkinen at digia.com>
> Hi Jani,
> I am Vincenzo Rubano, an italian blind computer science blind student.
> I wrote to you some time ago to let you know that there were some important accessibility issues in QT Creator and the QT installer (Mac OS X versions). You suggested me reporting these issues using the bug tracker, but the registration form is not accessible due to the presence of a visual captcha.
> I’m going to report to you all the details about the issues I found and I hope that they will be fixed soon, so that I can start using QT (together with other blind people that may want to do so).
> Some details about my setup:
> I experienced the issues bot with a Macbook Air 13 “ 2013 with an I7 processor and 8 gb ram and a macbook pro 15 “ late 2010 with an I7 processor and 4 gb RAM. Both machines are running Mac OS X 10.9.2. I’ve used QT Creator 3.0.1 and QT 5.2.1. I made sure that there weren’t apps running in the background consuming significant resources when I experienced these issues.
> Let’s start with the installer issues:
> I experienced these issues both with the onLine and the ofLine QT installer for Mac OS X.
> The problem is that, after opening the installer application, the first installation window that appears is not accessible using Voiceover. The screen reader, in fact, can only see:
> - The standard buttons to close and resize the window;
> - The title of the window;
> - An “unknown” element that I can interact with.
> After interacting with the unknown element, though, Voiceover tells me that it doesn’t contain anything. Due to this, I am not able to install QT using the installer.
> Regarding QT Creator:
> Generally speaking, the program is a bit unresponsive with Voiceover (there are delays from executing a command and getting feedback from Voiceover).
> However, the worst issue is in the project creation window that you can open by pressing cmd+n. That window is so unresponsive with Voiceover that between executing a command and getting some feedback from Voiceover you could have to wait up to 5/7 seconds (starting from a minimum of 1/2 seconds).
> In addition to this, in the project creation window, Voiceover sees some different groups (e.g. “projects”, “applications”, “libraries”, “other project”, “Non-QT project”). Since they are groups, I can suppose that interacting with them I should see something inside of them; but this is not true. If I interact with these groups Voiceover tells me that they are empty.
> Finally, in the project creation window, Voiceover sees a combo box that (from what I understood) should allow me to select some different template categories to show up in the window. The value of the combo is “all templates” but Voiceover tells me that I cannot adjust the value of the combo.
> There might be other accessibility issues in QT Creator and the QT Framework; unfortunately I am not able to investigate further and report them to you until I can create a QT Application by taking advantage (or trying to) of the QT Creator features.
> Let me know if you need further details or any additional information. I’m available to perform any additional test if needed as well as testing eventual patches/build versions that could fix these issues.
> Cheers,
> Vincenzo.

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