[Development] configure -developer-build --prefix=$PWD/qtbase

Shaw Andy Andy.Shaw at digia.com
Thu Mar 27 08:01:46 CET 2014

> Em qua 26 mar 2014, às 08:21:20, Alan Ezust escreveu:
> > Does anyone understand what the difference is between a qt that is
> > configured like this:  ./configure -developer-build versus a Qt that is
> > configured like this: configure -developer-build --prefix=$PWD/qtbase
> >
> >  according to ./configure --help, it says this:
> >     -prefix <dir> ...... This will install everything relative to <dir>
> >                          (default /usr/local/Qt-5.3.0, $PWD if
> > -developer-build is active)
> Unfortunately, both are correct.
> If you run the top-level configure and you want a no-install build, you need to
> pass -prefix=$PWD/qtbase. If you run the qtbase configure, you pass -
> prefix=$PWD.
> When you run configure -help, you always get the help output from the qtbase
> configure. That's why it says $PWD instead of $PWD/qtbase.


Maybe it would be best to actually expand $PWD in the help output to state where it would actually end up so there is no confusion?


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