[Development] QSGVideoNode issue on Qt 5.2

Jim Hodapp jim.hodapp at canonical.com
Mon Mar 31 18:15:41 CEST 2014

I am developing a child implementation of QSGVideoNode that gets fed data
via EGL texture streaming from a hardware decoder. This has been working
perfectly well on Qt 5.0, but trying the exact same code does not work
correctly on Qt 5.2. On 5.2, I only see anything get rendered when I create
some kind of event in my QML application, such as clicking/tapping on my
app window while video playback is occurring. And when I do that, I only
get 1 frame per click/tap. My question is, why would this be occurring on
5.2 and is there some fundamental change in 5.2 that I need to take into


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