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On Wed, May 7, 2014 at 3:41 AM, Aaron McCarthy <mccarthy.aaron at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi,
> On Tue, 6 May 2014 15:59:59 Kate Alhola wrote:
> > Hi, i have been doing application that uses maps. Application UI is Qml
> but
> > all data is generated on C++ side and once again, thee basic issue, is
> > there any way to add items from C++ to Qml map.
> >
> > I used Qt4.8 and there was basically same issue, there was no way to add
> > any C++ generated stuff on Qml map, no any way to add QGeoMapObject etc
> to
> > Qml map. I resolved this issue by making own QML wrapper
> > around QGraphicsGeoMap that accepts C++ classes.
> >
> > Then when i switched to Qt5.3, there was no maps at all, I ported Qt4.8
> > maps to Qt5.3 QtQuick1 and that works nicely. I also noticed that it
> can't
> > be ported to QtQuick2 because old maps depend on QGraphicsView.
> >
> > Now I checked Qt5.3 location maps with qt3d . All fine, it copmpiles and
> > run but alsp all C++ API is gone and there is still no way to add items
> > from C++ to map. Even all QGeoMapObjects are gone.
> The Maps C++ API was removed from the public API during the initial
> porting to
> Qt5. This was done because we didn't want to be tied to a C++ API that we
> were
> not 100% satisfied with and to focus limited developer resources on the
> QtQuick2 implementation.

That's clear and reasonable way of working.  Mostly I was missing some way
to use
data produced from C++ in Qml maps event with standard already defined
C++ types like QGeoCoordinate or QList<QGeoCoordinate>

Something like

in C++ ( qith all QProperty stuff )

 QList<QGeoCoordinate> path;

And in Qml

MapPolyline {
    line.color: "blue"

Or similar way to have Markers.

> For the time being the best way to place a large number of similar items
> on a
> map from C++ is to represent those items as a QAbstractListModel and use
> it as
> the source model for the MapItemView in QML.

It looks that with this Abstract does same thing, I just need to convert
old code from QGeoMapObjects/QList<QGeoCoordinate>
to QAbstractListModel . Let's see how it works

> > QDeclarativePolylineMapItem jas Path property that is type of QJSvalue
>  and
> > that looks only possible hook to c++, create path of polyline in C++ as
> > QJSvalua and then pass this to Qml ?
> There is also the addCoordinate()/removeCoordinate() invokable functions
> which
> are easier to use than constructing a QJSValue, but probably less
> efficient if
> adding or removing a large number of coordinates.

I hope that this  QAbstractListModel does the thing

> What sort of objects are you displaying on the map, is it just polylines?

The application I have is sports app that stores route of training events
that are in current
version displayed as QGeoMapPolylineObject . The data is generated by our
app and stored
in database. Application runs on Android/iOS and desktop. Because for
usability reasons
fast response is important, I wont add extra JS layers just copy
coordinates etc fro C++ to Map.

We started with Qt4.8 / Necessitas but now we have switched to Qt5.3
/QtQuick1 and next
step is to go QtQuick2.

> > What is happening to Qt Maps C++ API ? There is still a lot of us that
> > generate data displayed on map in C++ code and use Qml only for UI
> There is currently a lack of developer resources working on the location
> module. The good news is that recently the number of contributions to the
> location module has increased.
That's great. If there is anything on our work that can help, i am happy to


> Cheers,
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> Aaron McCarthy
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