[Development] Qt5.3 / Location Maps

Blasche Alexander Alexander.Blasche at digia.com
Mon May 12 10:17:52 CEST 2014


Not sure what kind of custom mods you have but a module "claims" plugin ownership via 

MODULE_PLUGIN_TYPES = geoservices (see qtloation.pro)

The plugin declares its type via 

PLUGIN_TYPE = geoservices (e.g. see src/plugins/geoservices/osm/osm.pro

And the system enforces this in mkspecs/features/create_cmake.pf

My guess is that your code doesn't do one of the above two steps.


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> I just updated to Qt5.3RC and noticed that something has changed in modules
> build system since beta.
> I was able to compile QtQuick1 maps I ported form 4.8 with Beta but mo more
> with 5.3RC or least not for ios.
> There is issue that I got error
> Project ERROR: No module claims plugin type 'geoservices'
> This error did not appear in 5.3beta
> Reason is that in 5.3RC it requires mkspecs/modules/qt_lib_location.pri with line
> QT.location.plugin_types = geoservices
> This file is created with new Qt5Location that requires qt3d and qt3d is not
> compiling as static lib required for ios
> I got QtQuick1 maps compiled for Linux/OSX/Android when I first compiled and
> installed qt3d and then rebuild location with new maps even the QtQuick1 maps
> does not require either of them.
> I have tried find out where this mkspecs//modules/qt_lib_location.pri ic created
> but I have not yet find out that. Least it was not required in Beta to compile
> Qtquick1 maps.
> Any hints to documents how to create  mkspecs/modules/qt_lib_location.pri
> and any hint how to compile qt3d for ios
> Kate

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