[Development] Modules in qtbase (was: Re: new "debugsupport" module and API)

Kalinowski Maurice Maurice.Kalinowski at digia.com
Tue May 13 08:23:46 CEST 2014

> >The rest of the libraries in qtbase are really base stuff.
> Actually I was thinking about splitting a few more things out. In addition to
> the ones mentioned above, I believe we would benefit from splitting
> QtNetwork out into it’s own module. The reason is that QtNetwork is
> responsible for many of the failing CI runs due to the inherent instability on
> the network tests. Splitting out the module should help make many of the
> qtbase integrations go more smoothly.
> From what I can see nothing else in qtbase (apart from the bearer plugins)
> depends on qtnetwork, so a split should be possible.

What about modules depending on qtbase in general? We have had quite many case where a change in qtbase caused e.g. qtdeclarative to not work anymore and CI for those modules are blocked then. Unfortunately the delay until developers recognized that can easily cause 1-2 days of delay. Splitting qtbase might increase this case, either for qtnetwork integration misbehaving after changes in qtbase, but also for modules depending on qtnetwork.

Comparing those two situations, do you think it's a better trade for moving network out?


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