[Development] Jira component re-arrangements

Blasche Alexander Alexander.Blasche at digia.com
Tue May 13 11:18:24 CEST 2014


Following some discussions on this list and in Jira I have made changes to Jira components. If you have a filter that explicitly mentions one of the affected components, please adjust them now. Otherwise you filter may not return the correct results going forward.

- "Core: Gesture Support" -> "Widget: Gesture Support" (rename)
- New owner for above component: Marc Mutz

For more details see QTJIRA-255

Following new components have been created:
"GUI: Windows integration" -> owner: Friedemann Kleint
"GUI: X11 (xcb) integration" -> owner: Gunnar Sletta
"GUI: OS X (cocoa) integration" -> owner: Morton Sorvig

For more details see QTJIRA-256

- "Core: Event System" -> "Core: Event loop" (rename)

For more details see QTJIRA-257

- "GUI: Input methods" ->"GUI: Complex Input methods" (rename)
- "GUI: Basic Input System (keyboard, mouse, touch)" (created)
- New owner for "Basic Input System": Gunnar Sletta

For more details see QTJIRA-258


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