[Development] Enginio build artifacts and naming conventions

Stephen Kelly stephen.kelly at kdab.com
Mon May 26 20:54:51 CEST 2014


This tweet was brought to my attention:


and it is true that the cmake files generated contain the incorrect filename, 
compared to the actual files shipped.

The Enginio files are called something like 


instead of something like 

which the cmake generated files expect. Headers are installed to 


which also has no 'Qt' prefix. I remember in particular discussions about 
putting the SOVERSION in the binary file name (which is 5 for all other Qt 
libraries, and 1 for Enginio apparently).

Does anyone know why this module is different to the others? Is this 
deliberate or accidental? If it's deliberate, then why make it a special case?

I can add some way of generating the actual filename, but this also raises the 
question of whether the cmake module should be called 'Qt5Enginio' (matching 
Qt5Core and all others), or not. 

Is Enginio supposed to be a 'normal' 'part of Qt5' (which would mean the Qt5 
prefix for the cmake modules is appropriate), or is it supposed to be 
something different (which might mean the modules have the wrong name)?


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