[Development] VideoOutput documentation lack about platform specific differences

Gianluca gmaxera at gmail.com
Sat Nov 8 09:24:08 CET 2014

Dear all,
I’m looking for some details about differences of VideoOutput on the various platforms supported by Qt.
This arise from the following warning in the documentation:

"The VideoOutput item works with backends that support either QVideoRendererControl or QVideoWindowControl. If the backend only supports QVideoWindowControl, the video is rendered onto an overlay window that is layered on top of the QtQuick window. Due to the nature of the video overlays, certain features are not available for these kind of backends:

Some transformations like rotations Having other QtQuick items on top of the VideoOutput item
Most backends however do support QVideoRendererControl and therefore don’t have the limitations listed above."
The limitations are quite sever and might comprimes the whole UI design (as I experienced on iOS), so I’m happy that “most backends however do support QVideoRendererControl” but the most important thing is to exactly know which platform are not supported yet and in which release has been planned to use QVideoRendererControl over QVideoWindowControl.
This can change a lot how to deal with application that has a lot of video.
So, where can I get this information ?
From my personal experience I can say that iOS is one of the platform with video limitations… but for the others ?? where is the status ??
Is there any progress with Qt 5.4 ??

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