[Development] Is QMap Broken

Alejandro Exojo suy at badopi.org
Mon Nov 10 11:34:55 CET 2014

El Monday 10 November 2014, Robert Steckroth escribió:
> [SOLVED]: After perusing the qmap.h libraiy I found the reason why QMap was
> keeping a sorted node list.

Please, instead of opening bug reports, digging in the sources, and wasting 
everybody's time, you should read one of the very first lines of QMap 

"With QMap, the items are always sorted by key"

If you missed that, and got confused by the description of the function you 
wanted to use (because maybe the description wasn't 100% clear that the 
position was NOT where you wanted the element inserted), then yes, you can ask 
the mailing list (the correct one is interest at qt-project.org instead of this 
one, though).

And if you ask the mailing list, read the replies you got, because people 
already told you that QMap works as expected, and which other classes you can 
use if you need insertion order instead.

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