[Development] OS X plugin naming bug

Morten Johan Sørvig morten.sorvig at digia.com
Fri Nov 14 16:44:37 CET 2014

> On 14 Nov 2014, at 02:58, Hanspeter Niederstrasser <fink at snaggledworks.com> wrote:
> On OS X, Qt is building plugins as dynamic libraries, instead of 
> bundles, which is the more appropriate format for the platform. This was 
> filed as QTBUG 2227 six years ago, but it was marked as closed without 
> any work done on it, even though there was a patch listed.  For the Fink 
> package manager, we have been successful in locally patching the Qt4 and 
> Qt5 sources to correct the plugin file type and extension.
> However, when I tried to start building the KDE5 frameworks on OS X, a 
> new related issue appeared whereas the Qt5 cmake files referenced the 
> plugin with the original .dylib extension and not the patched .so 
> extension that the physical file is now using (this is all documented in 
> QTBUG 2227). I have not been able to find the code that generates the 
> .cmake files to figure out why it is not honoring the file extension 
> change. It was suggested on IRC that I reach out to the qt-dev mailing 
> list to get a fresh look at QTBUG 2227. Thank you for your help,

We could add a fink mkspec, where you can configure the plugin file type and extension, effectively upstreaming your patches.

Or are you saying that the only useful action is to have Qt change the default plugin extension? That would be difficult, at least in the short term where there are already couple of build system changes in progress (code signing updates, @rpath transition).

cmake would have to be patched in both cases of course.


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