[Development] Qt5.5 Android apps cannot be launched on device

Drew Parsons dparsons at emerall.com
Tue Nov 18 12:17:03 CET 2014

My apps run perfectly fine on my Android device when I deploy and run
them from QtCreator. But when I disconnect the device and try to run an
app directly (launching from the icon on the device, not from
QtCreator), then it fails to launch with the error message:

“Your application encountered a fatal error and cannot continue.”

Whatever the error is, it’s relatively new, coming up only in the last
few weeks or so. Prior to that, I was able to run the apps on the

I’m using Qt 5.5 built from the dev git repository (I'm providing some
new contributions, so I need to use dev), building the app with
QtCreator 3.2.2, running on Linux 3.16 (Debian).    If I use the Qt 5.3
release then my test app runs fine on the device without QtCreator. 

The bug seems to be the same as QTBUG-42251. That bug report indicates
it's now fixed in Qt 5.4.  Was there a specific commit made directly in
Qt5.4 that needs to be added to dev?


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